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    54 products

    Shaving Soap - Australia

    Long-lasting and slick, hard Shaving Soaps are ultra-traditional shaving lubricants that require a shaving brush to whip up a rich, cushioning lather. Traditional soap offerings from Mitchell’s Wool Fat and D. R. Harris are rich in moisturising tallow and come stored in beautiful ornate bowls. While the vegetable-based options from Geo. F. Trumper are a constant favourite - in a wide variety of smells. Proraso is known for its refreshing formulas and classic Italian quality, while Tabac is a long-standing favourite with a distinctive, classic scent.

    For true luxury, check out Czech & Speake No. 88 - a triple-milled soap stored in a spun and anodized matte black aluminium vessel. This beautifully designed shaving dish is both durable and practical, ensuring that the ritual of grooming has never been so luxurious. All shaving soap products are designed to be refilled, making it a supremely waste-conscious product.

    How does shaving soap differ from shaving cream?

    Shaving soap typically requires a bit more effort to lather compared to shaving cream, which is ready-to-use out of the container. Shaving soaps generally offer a denser, more stable lather and are often preferred for their longer-lasting performance and traditional shaving experience.

    What can I use my shaving soap with?

    Whether you shave with a double edge safety razor, cartridge, or straight razor - shaving soaps are suitable for all forms of wet shaving.

    How do I use shaving soap?

    Shaving soaps require a shaving brush, aided with a shaving bowl or mug. The technique involves loading a pre-soaked brush with product, rubbing the wet brush in circular motions over the soap. Once a thick lather is built, it can then be transferred to a shaving bowl or lathered directly onto the face. Circular motions with the brush lifts the hair and ensure even coverage.

    A great-quality brush, good quality soft water, and proper technique make for an enjoyable shave.

    How do I store shaving soap?

    To ensure longevity, store your shaving soap in a dry, well-ventilated area. If the soap comes in a container, make sure it’s covered when not in use. If it’s a standalone puck, you can keep it in a soap dish with drainage to prevent it from sitting in water.

    Soap to travel with

    Shaving soaps also come packed in stick form, which are compact and easy to travel with. Still designed to be used with a brush, these sticks are moistened and applied directly to the face, then worked into a lather.