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Barber services:

Classic Men’s Haircut
Short back and sides using clippers or scissors. Service includes a blow dry and style with hot towel to finish.

Skin Fade
Skin fades of any desired variation (high fade, mid fade, low fade, drop fade) all of which are taken down to the skin, combined with any style of your choice on the top. Service includes a blow dry and style with hot towel to finish.

Buzz Cut
A military cut for the modern man. Easy to manage, low maintenance, this service entails one number/length all over using clippers (no scissors). No fades/skin fades. Hot towel to finish. 

Hair Wash with Head Massage
Add to any haircut service to ensure that you go about your day itch-free. Hair is washed with shampoo and conditioner of the month, with a light scalp massage, blow dry and style to finish.

Restyle Haircut
If you’re transitioning between long and short hair, seeking a refined and classic revamp or a bold and edgy transformation then the Restyle Haircut is the service for you. This service allows for an extended consultation (please bring photos), suggestions from the barber, and product/styling advice. Service includes a blow dry and style with hot towel to finish.

Long Hair Haircut
A tailored service for the gent with longer hair. Service includes a blow dry and style with hot towel to finish.

Scissor Cut
A scissor cut is a precise and detailed method of cutting hair using scissors rather than clippers. A preferred choice for those seeking a personalised and well-crafted haircut. Service includes a blow dry and style with hot towel to finish.

Hot Towel Head Shave
Head shave with a straight razor, warm lather and luxurious hot towels.

Grey Coverage
A professional-grade grey camouflage hair colour treatment that is quick, easy and discreet. Leaves hair with natural-looking results that fade gradually. If you have not used hair colour before, then please drop by the store for a free patch test a few days before your appointment. This test takes only a few minutes to perform, no booking required, and checks for any allergic reactions to the product.

Beard Trim
A general beard trim and tidy up of the lip line, cheeks, and neckline. This service does not include a straight razor neck shave and is recommended for guys maintaining shorter facial hair.

Deluxe Beard Trim with Neck Shave
Our deluxe beard trim service. Includes hot towels, warm lather and a straight razor to shave the cheeks and neckline. Freehand reshaping and debulking of longer beards. Finished with a beard balm or oil of your choice. Recommended for guys keeping longer facial hair.

Hot Towel Shave
Our signature service. A traditional shave with luxurious hot towels, warm lather and a straight razor.

Where to find us

Shop 41B, Collins Square,
727 Collins Street,
Docklands VIC 3008

We are on the ground level next to Hightail Bar and opposite Anytime Fitness

(03) 9629 8838

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Customer reviews


Smart, efficient, comfortable, friendly, and affordable.


LOVE THIS PLACE! Great, friendly staff. Great at what they do!


Great barbers. Friendly and skilled. Would highly recommend.


One of the best cuts I have had.


Great quality and strong attention to detail. Up there with one of the best barbers I've experienced.


I’ve been going to Men’s Biz for several years now and they are easily one of the best barbers in Sydney.