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    We ought to do it twice a day, two minutes at a time. We might then follow with a floss, swish, and a gargle. It’s a routine at the highest level of necessity and importance - amounting to an argument for care and attention paid to something so quotidian. 

    We endorse any opportunity to invest in the minutia that makes up who we are and what we do, especially if we have the choice to make something all the better. This is the philosophy of many luxury toothpaste and oral hygiene brands, operating on the premise of a reimagining. In other words, we want fresh breath to also be breathtaking.

    Flavours in Abundance

    It begins with reimagining flavour, and in order to think flavour anew, it is essential to approach it like perfumery - playing and reinventing combinations. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Swedish brand Selahatin’s offerings of toothpastes - which work on the basis of evocation: in its name, story, and flavour, all wrapped in one.

    Marvis toothpastes from Florence have a cult-like following, pledging no ordinary toothpaste. Even their most traditional offering - Classic Strong Mint - promises an experience that leaps. Its flavour is exaggerated and strong, which is the result of a long-standing traditional method of production, resulting in a rich and smooth texture, and a vibrant flavour.

    An Appealing Aesthetic

    Marvis rejects utilitarian packaging. Its riotous pop of colour, ornate cap, and decorous labelling makes a gorgeous statement, lending elegance to any bathroom. 

    Selahatin’s aesthetic emphasis is minimalism - tones of black, white, and silver readily absorb into the most modern of bathrooms, amongst porcelain tiles, basins, and chrome faucets. Sleek and fashionable - Selahatin’s style has won over many high profile aesthetes, including Rick Owens. 

    Mouthwash and More: A Total Experience

    Oral hygiene might begin with brushing the teeth, but it doesn’t end there. Mouthwashes also receive the luxury treatment, continuing the trend for decorous packaging and memorable tastes. High impact flavours, beautiful glass packaging, and effective ingredients that freshen the breath and energises the mouth.

    Bringing Care Back into the Equation

    No longer is oral hygiene relegated to unthink - no longer is it put out of mind.  Quality toothpastes and oral care might seem like gratuitous excess, and indeed, this can be said for all luxury. However: heightening the experience has put care emphatically back into the equation.