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    185 products

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    You shave every day - so why not enjoy it? With our extensive range of men's shaving products, you can transform the daily shave into a pleasurable ritual. We're experts in the art of shaving, with many years of experience in this field. Perfect your shave with the best products suited to the task at hand and the specificity of your needs. 

    The Right Tool For The Job

    The many possible shaving implements available address the many different demands towards the art of the shave, each with their respective benefits. 

    We are firm proponents of Double Edge Safety Razors, which are supremely effective, cost-efficient, and handsome to boot. Indeed, they’re constructed to last a lifetime with replaceable blades, offering a consistently great and irritation-free shave.

    Traditionalists, however, can’t go past the Straight Razors, steeped in tradition and ritualistic practice, with gloriously ornate details that are a pleasure on the eye. Pair this with a leather strop from Dovo Solingen to ensure the very best experience. For those seeking an unfussy experience, Electric Shavers and Cartridge Razors are a no-brainer. 

    A Brush With Excellence: Shaving Brushes

    We champion ethical Shaving Brushes of the highest quality. Shaving Brushes are a beautiful complement to the shaving process, ensuring the best quality lather evenly distributed across the face. The best bristles retain heat and are pleasurably soft, while the handle is sturdy and weighted, feeling great in the grip of one’s hand. Travel Shaving Brushes are compact and portable without the expense of quality or efficacy.

    All The Fixings: Shaving Creams, Soaps, Balms, and Lotions

    Shaving without a lubricant is unthinkable - which creates a protective surface between your skin and the blade, allowing the razor to glide and effortlessly cut hair with incredible closeness. 

    A matter of preference, Shaving Creams are soft and easy to lather, and also come in a travel-friendly tube form. Hard Shaving Soaps are often packed in beautiful vessels and can be refilled, requiring a brush to lather. They are incredibly long lasting. Both come in a variety of aromas, and are enriched with ingredients to comfort the skin. Shaving Foams offer the benefit of expediency, while Shaving Gels and Shaving Oils tend to be transparent, allowing precision shaving.

    No more razor burn, bumps, ingrown hairs, or nicks. Make history of these shaving woes with products designed to prevent and treat, with Pre-shaves for that extra layer of protection and Aftershaves which calm and soften the skin.

    Shaving Accessories

    Replacement parts, sharpening tools, razor cases, toiletry bags, brush stands, and more. The right accessory for the task at hand makes all the difference.