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Eight & Bob

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    Effectively establishing itself as a cult classic, the Eight and Bob range consists of solidly constructed fragrances that have an instant appeal to them. The brand’s eponymous fragrance is an excellent introduction to niche perfumery, achieving the imperative of creating a well composed fragrance supported by clever storytelling.

    In Eight and Bob's case, we have the easy elegance of JFK - a story of chance encounters with a French perfumer, as well as elegant and stylish men. It is important not to overlook the rest of the range, with Eight and Bob Egypt offering a medley of attractive spices on a familiar base of 'barbershop' notes, or Nuit de Megeve, a chewy vetiver glazed in a nutty praline.

    • A very attractive, very approachable niche brand. Each fragrance takes us to a moment of perfumer Albert Fouquet’s life and his experiences around the world.
    • According to legend, in the final shipments of Eight and Bob during the Second World War, bottles were hidden inside books that were carefully cut by hand to prevent the Nazis from seizing the cologne.
    • The original Eight and Bob is a fresh woody fragrance, with a charming dosage of spice mingling with salty sea air. It is a distinctive and long-lasting gentleman's fragrance that has a universal appeal.
    • For a friendly introduction to spicier styles of perfumery, Egypt takes cultural exoticism as its cue with the spicy-sweet notes of nutmeg, lavender, and cardamom, transforming it with a distinctly French sensibility for perfume. Or, consider the refreshing Champs de Provence, demonstrating the complexity of bitter green citrus fruits on a base of amber.