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    Make everyday practice effective yet simple, and say goodbye to underarm afflictions of the wet and smelly kind. Deodorants keep odours at bay with pleasant smelling, antibacterial ingredients. Choosing the right deodorant involves understanding its ingredients, how to use it effectively, and how it can meet your personal skincare needs. By selecting the right product and using it correctly, you can stay fresh and odour-free throughout the day.

    Baxter of California’s Deodorant is a beloved product that has also taken out a number of awards - it’s effective, straightforward, and suits all lifestyles. Its mildly scented formula is unobtrusive and won’t clash with your fragrance of choice. Geo. F. Trumper’s range of scented deodorants, from lime to sandalwood, and the spicy Eucris are timeless favourites. Other favourites include deodorants from Tabac, Windsor Harris, Taylor of Old Bond Street, and Speick

    What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

    Deodorants help to mask and reduce body odour caused by sweating, while antiperspirants contain aluminium-based compounds that temporarily block sweat glands to reduce perspiration. Not all deodorants are antiperspirants. 

    How does deodorant work?

    Deodorants work by neutralising the odour produced by bacteria when you sweat. They often contain antimicrobial agents and fragrances to mask or prevent odour.

    What are the common active ingredients in deodorants?

    Deodorants employ a number of ingredients to tackle malodour, while respecting delicate underarm skin. Antimicrobial odour-fighters such as witch hazel, mineral salts, and tea-tree are popular ingredients, often blended with fragrance to mask odour and offer a pleasant aroma complementing the wearing experience. Moisturisers, such as glycerin, vitamin E, and allantoin protect and soothe the skin. Deodorants that are also antiperspirants will generally employ aluminium compounds to reduce sweating. 

    How should I apply deodorant?

    Apply deodorant to clean, dry skin. For stick deodorant, swipe 1-2 times per underarm. For roll-on or gel, apply a thin, even layer. Allow it to dry completely before dressing - this also helps avoid staining clothes.

    Can I use deodorant right after shaving?

    It's best to wait a few hours after shaving before applying deodorant to avoid irritation.

    How often should I apply deodorant?

    This is often specified on the product. Most deodorants provide protection for 24-48 hours. However, reapply as needed, especially after heavy sweating or exercise.