Ingrown Hair & Razor Bumps Treatment

5 products

    5 products
    Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution, 118ml
    Tend Skin
    Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Safety Razor HD (34C)
    Merkur Solingen
    Shaveworks The Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment, 156ml
    Jack Black Bump Fix Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution, 177ml
    Jack Black
    Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 90ml

    Ingrown hairs can occur in the beard, chest, back, neck and even in nose. Treat ingrown hair and razor bumps with a concentrated ingrown hair treatment. An ingrown hair cream or lotion can unearth a hair that has grown under the skin, as a result of shaving or waxing. You can avoid ingrown hairs by shaving in the direction of hair growth, exfoliating before shaving, using a sharp blade and a moisturising after shave balm after shaving.

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