Zoologist Squid Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Squid Extrait de Parfum
Zoologist Squid Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Squid Extrait de Parfum

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The vast ocean swells and contracts, caught in the relentless tug of the moon. Beneath the surface, a school of squid emerges. Strange, elastic forms propel from the deep in a frantic search for sustenance. They are not alone. Their predators lunge, only to be foiled by blinding jets of murky ink. The hunt ends abruptly as a monolith materializes, greedily engulfing all in its path. The massive sperm whale dives, leaving a temporary peace bobbing in its wake. Decades on, relics of the battle resurface. Lumps of ambergris, expelled by the whale and polished by the salty currents, wash ashore. Waste? Flotsam? To the perfumer this elusive substance is nothing less than treasure. Zoologist Squid sings a song of the sea, a melancholy tale told through tangy brine, crisp incense, and sweet, cloudy ink, all united by the moody aroma of ambergris. Like the endless depths that inspired it, this elegant scent ripples with mystery.

Fragrance Family:

Pink Pepper, Solar Salicylate, Incense, Black Ink Accord, Salty Accord, Opoponax, Ambergris, Benzoin, Musk

Extrait de Parfum (20%)

Salty woods and amber. Squid is a wearable and creative evocation suitable for the everyday, with both formal and relaxed facets. It can be worn across all seasons.

Made in Canada

Squid is a magical and transportive fragrance: it is an eerie stillness interrupted by the crushing crashes of waves. It is a shimmering and undulating scent, filled with salty incense mingling with algae and spices to replicate the scent of sea spray. Salicylates recall a skin coated in a fine saline mist, blushing in the sunlight. It is the point where blue turns to black. Squid’s evocative power is only possible thanks to an inspired blend of ingredients, dominated by a central ambergris note – an ambery ingredient washed in brine, its musky, sweetness extended with the fruity snap of pink peppercorn. Everything floats on an inky surface, like oil on water, imparting a sense of indeterminacy: it coats and glazes but does not stick – it magically changes the appearance of all that it touches: blurring, making shiny, this effect is miraculously transposed into the scented medium.

Squid is a popular offering from Zoologist and for many marks an accessible entry point into the brand. It is brilliant, creative, and potent. A must.

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Photo-realistic squid scent