Zoologist Sloth Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Sloth Extrait de Parfum
Zoologist Sloth Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Sloth Extrait de Parfum

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With its vibrant, sun-dappled hues, the dense rainforest beckons invitingly. Yet within its misty depths, countless dangers lurk, slinking across the forest floor. Dangling high among the treetops may seem a dubious defence against peril, but for leisurely sloths the forest canopy offers a protective shroud. Safe in their leafy fortress, the sluggish creatures move so slowly even moss overtakes them. They snooze in a cradle of moist green aromas, oblivious to the chaos below. Zoologist Sloth captures the tranquillity of this sleepy beast in a soothing green essence. Calming lavender, chamomile, marigold and jasmine combine with the stillness of bittersweet hay and damp moss, stitched together by threads of luscious incense. The result is dreamy and exotic. As it settles on the skin, Sloth carries one up to a place where stresses simply tumble away.

Fragrance Family:

Chamomile, Açaí Berry, Lavender, Violet Leaf, Marigold, Beeswax, Anise, Jatamansi, Jasmine, Cumin, Hay, Frankincense, Myrrh, Mushroom, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Tonka

Extrait de Parfum (20%)

Sloth is adventurous yet familiar – worn faintly, it is a herbal-grassy lavender dominant scent with many interest effects. Pay attention, and it reveals many complexities. Accordingly, Sloth is a pleasant challenge, and is great when worn for oneself.

Made in Canada

Perfumer Prin Lomros’ style is singular and unmistakable – his is marked by a terrestrial imagination, a tendency to utilise a palette of bewitching herbal, spice, and earthy materials. Sloth is a concept destined for Lomros, who creates from the full range of idiosyncratic materials.

Sloth’s central note is lavender, which represents a familiar pleat in this perfume of folds. These desiccated buds emanate soft spicy freshness and a herbal tone reminiscent of anise and mint, followed by the meadow-like scent of chamomile: oscillating between the gentle sweetness of honey, nuanced with notes of apple, and hay and tobacco on the other end. Saturating this is marigold, with characteristic bitterness. Indeed, the initial impression is languor amongst forest canopies, convincingly recreated here. At times this dreamy state risks disruption – sharp tropical peaks of acai berry, the mellow and musky animalic hum of cumin seed, or even the intensely pungent ozonic nuances of violet leaf – gently nudging this phantasmal sloth, beckoning to break the spell of lassitude.

The Sloth’s dream journeys through many stages. The fact of is animality is reiterated as waves of musk work the body of this scent, reinforced particularly by a mushroom note that keeps Sloth connected to the rainforest surging with life. With time, this grassy earthiness is somewhat off-centred with resinous notes, flushing the scent with the bitter-citric flashes of myrrh and a frankincense note that lifts the fragrance ever so slightly. Sloth refrains from an overt cleanliness: Lomros builds this fragrance so to express a strange pleasure in the funkiness inherent to many natural materials. That’s not to say Sloth is ‘dirty’, far from it, rather, it respects the organic state of nature, finding brilliance in what it is – and its namesake animal is happy to simply be a part of it all.