Zoologist Seahorse Parfum Spray, 60ml

Zoologist Seahorse Parfum Spray, 60ml

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Balmy sunlight trips across foamy turquoise waves, sending rippling haloes onto the coral below. On the lagoon floor, anemone and seaweed sway in unison, limbs pumping to the rhythm of the current. Hovering among the coral branches, a group of seahorses gazes shyly on. The pulsating beat calls to them and two pair off, their tails entwined in a delicate waltz. Soon their passion is spent, but the memory of the dance lives on. For the pouch of the male seahorse tenderly cradles a precious clutch of eggs. Zoologist Seahorse invites you to wade through a vibrant coral garden. This unisex scent turns expectation on its head. With such surprising couplets as tuberose and seaweed, sage and neroli, and fennel and vetiver, this delightful melody will sweep you away on a wave of joy and abandon.

Fragrance Family:

Guatemala Cardamom, Fennel, Ambrette Absolute, Clary Sage, Tuberose, Neroli, Algae Absolute, Vetiver, Ambergris Accord

Extrait de Parfum (20%)

A solar-infused fragrance for the warm weather.

Made in Canada

A vibrant aquatic – Seahorse celebrates the myriads upon myriads of colour and texture in a coral garden. It grips the wearer immediately, enchanting them in its dazzling display of colours. Its opening is amazing, the sort that can be repeated forever: it is cool and chewy, delicious and balanced – blue, herbal, and green, with the soft and cooling surrender of fennel, which is much more rounded and tender than its sharp anisic counterpart, and the sappy, resinous, green, and almost icy touch of cardamom. Finally, clary sage offers soothing freshness – an amazing length of herbaceous and soft warm echoes. Meanwhile, algae lends a salty and realistic effect, reinforcing that this is pure and foamy coastal waters and not the sublime depths of the sea (as it is in Squid).

Seahorse is pure yet quirky as is characteristic of Zoologist. It dares to envisage a bursting white garden of neroli and tuberose blooms – solar floral notes that scintillate in the sunlight with heady buttery-milky-creamy impressions – against cool seawater. It might remind you of the nicest days at the beach, the wind collecting and carrying scent on its voyage, calming the effect of persistent sunlight. Seahorse has gravitas – as it dries down it reveals notes of vetiver, ambergris, … an almost oily slick floating on the surface of the aromatic-aquatic bouillon. Seahorse reiterates Zoologist’s amazing feature: single ideas are the source of boundless creative inspiration. Here, perfumer Julien Rasquinet focuses on vibrancy and complexity: an infinite iridescence.

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