Zoologist Masculine Menagerie Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

Zoologist Masculine Menagerie Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

Zoologist Masculine Menagerie Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

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Zoologist fragrances are various and stylistically diverse. In this sample pack, we’ve herded six creatures which share a discernibly masculine style and yet are distinct in their own way. Think dark woods and mosses, complex freshness, and references to some of the greats of men’s perfumery. All of these scents are readily wearable - dynamic works that represent the more accessible and user-friendly animals of the Zoologist menagerie. We’ve deliberately chosen these scents as they represent a broad olfactory spectrum: from citrus and aquatic fragrances, to fresh woods, dry woods, and leather. There’s a creature for everyone! As with all fragrances, we ask people to wear whatever they like. This pack is not ‘exclusively’ for men, and many of these scents have virtues suitable for everyone.

Includes (1ml each):

  1. Zoologist Squid Extrait de Parfum
  2. Zoologist Tiger Extrait de Parfum
  3. Zoologist Koala Extrait de Parfum
  4. Zoologist Beaver EDP
  5. Zoologist Northern Cardinal Extrait de Parfum
  6. Zoologist Macaque Yuzu Edition Extrait de Parfum

Freshly hand-filled to order, these 1ml glass vials are large enough for several proper wearings.

Zoologist’s Squid maintains its evocative power whilst being a brilliant fragrance in its own right. Squid is an ambery aquatic, at once the depth of the dark sea and an image of pristine waters - a salty and inky torrent of incense mingles with woods and resins, leaving a potent trail, freshened slightly with pink peppercorn and fizzy salicylates. Its feeling is undeniably masculine, twisting this conventional category with interesting effects. It is one of Zoologist’s most popular scents, and for good reason. Koala, on the other hand, moves from the blue of the sea to the green of trees with its cloak of woody and herbal notes. Its primary accord is a sturdy blend of vetiver, sandalwood, and spicy oakmoss, seasoned with the airy feeling of eucalyptus, geranium, and a fantasy note of honey gumdrops - all of which lends a cool and refreshing touch that settles on a musky base. It is the precise moment where the scent of sunburnt earth, gumnuts, and twigs are cooled by the camphoraceous, sappy, and resinous breeze of eucalypt trees.

Macaque (Yuzu Edition) transforms the woody category with its unique use of hinoki wood, incense, and yuzu. Macaque is sleek and modern, these intriguing effects crossing over a forest of cypress trees that shiver in the breeze. With this fragrance, the wearer disappears into an aromatic cloud. It plays at the ideal volume: meditatively quiet, full of dimension, and emphatic in all the right places. Macaque is subtle wearing, with presence and impression. Tiger, in contrast, is bold and confident - its primary vetiver note begins as a growl and ends with a roar that is combined with the delicate power of suede. This smoky and woody grass is intensified with earthy notes, stretching the scent as it prowls along the ground, framed with a marvellously rare accord of bitter kumquat citrus, cooling cardamom, and the alluring gloss of saffron. All at once, Tiger recalls brilliant vetiver perfumery whilst offering a new interpretation of a beloved style.

In this roundup, Northern Cardinal is the most traditional fragrance: a leathery, patchouli-dominant, and dry masculine chypre that operates on a characteristic contrast of light and dark. A herbal blast opens with its balsamic breath, tweaked with a scant touch of florals to refine the fragrance. The chypric notes in the heart and base of this fragrance - patchouli, moss, leather - suspends this herbal freshness, creating a total fragrance that is a little retro, a little serious, but so very good. To conclude, Beaver makes civil of musky animalic and leathery notes, representing the imaginative and metamorphic mission of Zoologist best. It champions castoreum, a contradiction of beastly and clean, situating this in forest clearings and dredging it in fresh outdoor air infused with florals and slight hints of ozone. Beaver is robust and powerful and impossibly elegant at the same time, and a marvel to wear.