Zoologist Koala Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Koala Extrait de Parfum
Zoologist Koala Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Koala Extrait de Parfum

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A cloak of rich green velvet sweeps across the Australian horizon, the majestic eucalypt forest flattering every curve of the undulating landscape. Tucked high in the crook of a tree, the koala is oblivious to the mesmerizing views. It would rather curl into a ball and sleep off a feast of oily eucalyptus, the aromatic leaves that sustain it. Despite their sleepy demeanour and friendly expression, koalas are territorial creatures. Males mark the soaring trunks with their musk, establishing their dominance. Zoologist Koala opens with an invigorating blend of lemony honey and the sweet aroma of eucalyptus. They float above a blanket of black tea and spices, then draw you even deeper into musky amber and woods. The result is a unique and carefree scent that snuggles in around you, enveloping you in an embrace both playful and independent.

Fragrance Family:
Woody Amber

Eucalyptus, Menthol Honey Gumdrops, Mimosa, Black Tea, Geranium, Incense, Spices, Vetiver, Musk, Amber, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Extrait de Parfum (20%)

A woody fragrance that is fresh, green, and musky, Koala is a wardrobe staple: it is persistent, cooling, and fortified. A great daily signature.

Made in Canada

Drawing from this titular animal, perfumer Spyros Drosopoulos juxtaposes the fresh mentholated sensation of eucalyptus leaves against the creature’s furry padding. The result is remarkable and categorically familiar, resulting in a fragrance with dominant woody resonances that is textured in a unique way.

Koala explores the possibilities of the woods category, working at a primary accord of vetiver, sandalwood, and spicy oakmoss that is smoothed of its rough edges. Touched with the fresh notes of sharp cooling eucalyptus, geranium, and the fine astringent features of black tea – this essential heart of Koala is fortified and yet feels to be weightless; its fresh features lift heavy notes into the awakening cool of the atmosphere. This airy sensation passes over the furry and velvety texture of musks, heavy with an incense spiced with cinnamon that does not weigh down – it is a natural complement to the eucalyptus note.

Koala is a portrait of a quiet habitat, these grey bears asleep high up amongst the green-leaved trees. The leaves may rustle, but the sturdy trunk remains resolutely still. The eucalyptus note is respected as much as it is tempered, which radiates its familiar astringency, and for many Australians, is reminiscent of warm days in the bush as much as it recalls honied gumdrops. It is the precise moment where the scent of sunburnt earth, gumnuts, and twigs are cooled by the camphoraceous, sappy, and resinous breeze of eucalypt trees.