Tobacco Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

Tobacco Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

Tobacco Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

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Tobacco is not an easy ingredient to summarise: so let us show you tobacco in its many iterations. For the uninitiated, tobacco as a central note in perfumery might appear as a strange proposition – when in fact it is one of the most essential notes within the perfumer’s repertoire. A staggeringly complex natural material, tobacco is highly faceted and is primarily marked with a woodiness as well as an earthiness. Its impressions can range from the parched, roasted, and crinkly, as well as the humid and moist – nonetheless, it is always flavoursome. Herbal, animalic, fruity, and floral facets are common, as well as an overarching smokiness. All of this in mind, tobacco effortlessly imparts complexity to many compositions.

Includes (1ml each):

  1. Tauer Sundowner
  3. Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano
  4. Etat Libre d'Orange Jasmin et Cigarette
  5. Naomi Goodsir Or du Serail

Freshly hand-filled to order, these 1ml glass vials are large enough for several proper wearings.

To get a feel for the natural material, Andy Tauer’s Sundowner puts decadent tobacco absolute front and centre. Complex as it is, Tauer weds this to patchouli and cocoa notes to emphasise earthiness and dusty warmth in the base, which becomes the ground for a play of cinnamon, rose, orange, and bergamot – sunshine notes evoking the long and low light of the evening sun, shooting across the length of the horizon. Imagine sitting on the terrace on Elephantine Island in the middle of the river Nile near Aswan. Sundowner is a cozy warmth.

In spite of its name, Smokin’ Gun (BTSO) layers many smoke notes to produce a refined yet engulfing effect. Tobacco, incense, oak, and leather work in the service of a fantasy note of Lapsang Souchong, a spicy and smoky black tea that saturates the composition with a delicacy, as if weaving itself through a dimly lit room. The smoke here is lucid and vibrant, languorous and radiating. An altogether different sort of comfort. Similarly, Tabacco Toscano (Santa Maria Novella) is textured like velvet, and is inspired by Tuscan cigars. Tobacco is purged of its raspy qualities, in favour of sweet malt and smooth vanilla notes. Leather and guaiac wood offer subtle contrast, but remains at all times a most elegant and soft interpretation of the tobacco note.

Indeed, there is no chance of misplacing the fantasy of smoking rooms and cigar humidors attached to tobacco leaf and smoke. The brazen Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d’Orange shocks with the initial forwardness of its name – only to reveal a gorgeous harmonisation between pure white jasmine flower and the ashy trails of tobacco, coating the flower in a background puff of smoke, emphasising its pristine purity. Jasmin et Cigarette reminds us that tobacco too is a floral note, and its fruity nuances are picked up with apricot, tying the two notes together. Or du Serail (Naomi Goodsir) on the other hand offers a fantasy of hookah pipe smoke – hypnotic clouds of sticky golden fruits warmed to an oozing state, complete with flecks of cocoa and cedar. The composition is greedy and decadent: folds of tobacco leaf house notes of apple, orange, pineapple, coconut, and mango. The scent is alive and precise.

Finally, Tabac Vert operates on a pretence of spiciness without the wateriness, drawing its strength from spicy florals and the driest wood and tobacco notes. It is at once restrained yet ornamental, its skeleton a chypre made up of cedarwood and vetiver. It insists upon an enduring and uncompromisable freshness through and through, which is sharp and unapologetically herbal. This is thanks to carnation - a floral note which is unmistakably warm yet delicate, with prominent pepper and clove nuances. This naturally pairs with tobacco materials, with all of its green, floral, crinkly-dry and vegetal complexities, resting on an ambery and coumarinic base.