OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor: Silver

OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor: Silver
OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor: Silver
OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor: Silver
OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor: Silver

OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor: Silver

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The OneBlade Genesis Razor is a handcrafted masterpiece and work of art in stainless steel. Each razor is hand-assembled, uniquely serial-numbered and is manufactured to insane tolerances. The pivoting head maintains the optimal 30 degree blade angle to the skin at all times so there’s no need to manually manage - OneBlade does it for you. Includes 10 Feather FHS-10 Blades and an anodized aluminium horizontal razor stand.

Genesis Single Edge Razor in silver

Genesis Single Edge Razor
Feather FHS-10 Blades Pack: 10 blades
Solid Stainless Steel Razor Stand

Approx. 11.3cm (length) x 4.6cm (width of head)

Head and Handle:
Stainless steel head and handle

Made in USA

1. Loading your OneBlade Razor
Push the blade into the back of the razor, never touching the sharp edge. Hint: the dull edge is always the first edge you see when unwrapping a Feather FHS-10 blade.

2. Prep & Pre-Shave
A perfect shave requires some preparation to limit irritation. That includes washing your face with a moisturising face wash and a gentle exfoliant, and soaking and warming your whiskers with warm water to soften the hairs.

3. Multi-Pass Shaving
A single blade razor requires two or three passes to get a perfectly smooth shave.
- But firstly, lather up using a shave brush and traditional shaving cream or soap to get the most out of your shave.
- For your first pass, you'll want to use long strokes, shaving with the grain. Be sure to utilise the design of your OneBlade razor by maintaining the angle and mild pressure.
- For your second pass, you'll want to use short, slightly overlapping strokes, shaving with the grain. Be sure to maintain consistent pressure on the upper register (top of the head razor).
- For your third pass you'll want to use the same short and deliberate strokes as your second pass, but you'll want to shave either against or across the grain (perpendicular to the direction of growth).

4. Angle and Pressure
To get the optimal shaving angle with your OneBlade razor simply ensure that the upper register (top of the head razor) is the first point of contact with your skin and maintains contact with each stroke.
Little to no pressure. The GENESIS is our closest shaving razor with the most aggressive blade exposure. You likely won't need to add any pressure to the razor's upper register for a close shave, the weight of the razor should do the work for you.

5. Post Shave and Skin Care
Finish up your shave with a quick care routine to nourish and protect your skin. Recommended to use a moisturising post shave balm to help relieve any irritation and expedite the healing process. Top it off with a face moisturiser and sun protection.

Customer Reviews

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Jarod Thurley
The best shaving implement I have ever used

For 12 months I was shaving with an electric shaver. It was convenient but I always felt skin irritation. I stumbled across the OneBlade Genesis and I thought wow! I never saw a razor like this. I admit the cost was expensive, so I thought about it for a couple of months. I later bought it and I am glad I did. I have been using this for a month and over time I got used to shaving with a razor and It is pleasurable to use. I have no skin irritation and I have not cut myself. I highly recommend the OneBlade Genesis.