Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Satin

Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Satin

Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Satin

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The Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor allows you to adjust the angle of the blade inside the razor head to suit your personal preference and beard type. With the turn of a dial, the Futur can be configured to perform the way you want it to - from ultra tame (1) to super aggressive (6). Solid and well constructed, the Futur features a Duo Clip head that clips on and off when changing blades. Satin chrome finish. Also available in polished chrome or gold plated finish or as part of a set with matching brush and stand.

Futur 700: Satin
90 700 002 / 700 002

Closed Comb Double Edge Razor with Adjustable Blade Gap

5.2 cm x 2.6 cm x 11 cm

Head and Handle:
Die-casted zinc with fixed handle. Matte chrome-plated.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Great purchase!

I’ve had this razor for over five years. It’s the best. I’ve used others and nothing comes close. If I ever lose my beloved Futur I will be distraught until I buy another one.

Amazing shave, incredible weight

This razor is incredible. The weight is just perfect and it fits in my hand so perfectly. I look forward to shaving now that I have this and will be buying another as a gift for a friend!

Great razor

I've had this razor for a few weeks, having previously owned several safety razors. The quality seems excellent, and it has a very good weight. The shave is a significant improvement over my other safety razors. The adjustable head is useful, although I've not found myself changing it much. Perhaps the only downside is that the head of the razor is quite large, which might be an annoyance for some. Very good choice for experienced safety razor shavers.

No longer a chore, an experience

My first experience with a DE safety razor was in about 1999 after picking up my grandfather’s three piece razor. I knew nothing about what it meant to use a safety razor. With nothing but shaving gel and some razors from the local supermarket I completely destroyed myself, but being a persistent bugger I kept going back for more until I started to it’s effectiveness.

Fast forward to July 2018 and the thought of my grandfather’s razor and the experience I had with it still haunts me, but I knew there had to be more to it. With a lot of research on the Men’s Biz webpage, and many online tutorials later, I locked myself in for a haircut and a brand new Merkur Futur Satin. But it didn’t stop there, as the razor is just the beginning. With some great advice, some pre-shave cream, a shave brush and the shave cream to go with this outstanding razor, I was ready to go again.

So what did I learn?
1. After 23 years of shaving everyday in the Australian Army, and kind of hating the chore, it’s now an enjoyable experience.
2. Find a routine that works for you. Don’t cut corners, take your time to prepare before you even reach for the razor.
3. Try different products, especially the razors. Everyone is different and one brand of razor may not be ideal for the next.
4. Take your time - did I say that already? Well I’ll say it again!
5. Short, light strokes of the razor otherwise you will be taking off more than hair.

So what about the razor itself you ask? Solid (no, not heavy), adjustable depending on user need and experience (start on 1-1.5 for gods sake), modern design and balanced. The razor does the work, not you! I haven’t shaved with other razors and I’m sure some others are great, but I would recommend this one to anyone!

Now that I’ve re-discovered safety razor shaving I’ll never turn back. It’s now a part of my routine and you know what - somehow it makes me feel connected to my grandfather! Looking forward to trying more products for the loca crew at Men’s Biz!

Great Shave

Made the mistake of trying the aggressive setting first and cut myself to bits, wound it back to 3 and it gives a great shave, take your time and its perfect.