FZOTIC Corpse Reviver Eau de Parfum

FZOTIC Corpse Reviver Eau de Parfum
FZOTIC Corpse Reviver Eau de Parfum

FZOTIC Corpse Reviver Eau de Parfum

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A Frankenstein monster gourmand! Loaded with top-shelf botanical extracts, Corpse Reviver is rich and boozy with whiskey, chocolate, a shot of Italian Amaro liqueur, and cooling rosemary and cypress. Trust us, it works. Corpse Reviver is cutting-edge mixology, a cocktail of dissonant but surprisingly harmonious notes. It's definitely "not for everyone," but the folks who love it really love it.

Fragrance Family:
Floral Amber

Blood Orange, Camphor, Whiskey, Rosemary, Marigold, Dried Fruit, Anise, Cypress, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Civet.

Eau de Parfum

A little Dada, a little delirious, and definitely delicious – Corpse Reviver is a gourmand of the highest order, and should be worn in moments of hedonistic pleasure. Perfect for a cool night on the town.

Bruno’s Inspiration:
"Corpse Reviver is named for a hangover remedy (aka morning cocktail) from the 1920s. The fragrance is based on Cadavre Equis, a limited-edition experimental collaboration I created with the great Italian perfumer, Antonio Gardoni. For that, we decided to push the limits of the gourmand. Gourmand refers to "edible" notes, not just desserts, so while there's plenty of chocolate, there's also rosemary and Italian bitters. My personal version dials back the animalics and includes a whiskey accord built on an extraordinary French oakwood absolute. This fabulously sticky, dense material is extracted from French oak and smells like bourbon and caramel. Corpse Reviver is still pretty crazy and doesn't smell like anything else out there—but it's absolutely wearable and comforting in its own way.”

Made in the USA

Smell Corpse Reviver and the sensation of stickiness might come to mind. This perfume draws one in, clings itself onto them: it is a soft and loud tower of layers in scent. Upon its sticky touch, one risks diluting themselves into viscosity (Jean-Paul Sartre). This fragrance is an ode to this sensation, equally celebrating the sticky and delicious pleasures of caramel, melting dark chocolate, salty liquorice, dried fruits, vanilla, amaro and whisky that oozes on the surface of a glass. This is not a sweet fragrance. Corpse Reviver is pure synaesthesia, as textures are captured in smell, contrasted against the sappy and cool aroma of rosemary, the sharp brightness of blood orange, and the furry plush of civet. It is exactly how gourmands should be – at the edge of the inedible.

Customer Reviews

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Stunning! Absolutely love it!

Oh my I wish this perfume wasn’t so expensive, I would bath in it! It’s such high quality and has a dark, burnt woodyness to it. I’m a bit of a witchy/spooky gal and I adore it, plus the name makes me giggle. 10/10 my new fave