Etat Libre d'Orange Une Amourette Eau de Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange Une Amourette Eau de Parfum
Etat Libre d'Orange Une Amourette Eau de Parfum
Etat Libre d'Orange Une Amourette Eau de Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange Une Amourette Eau de Parfum

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Amourette: 'a trifling or ephemeral love affair'. Is it a passing fancy, a momentary catching-of-the-eye, a brief encounter, or something else? Will it endure, will it last forever? Does it really matter? The time is now, this is how you feel at one special moment in time. And whatever happens, you will make an indelible memory. Une amourette is a love affair - it won’t last forever, but it’s unforgettable. The notes make a complex statement, exceeding a simple passing fancy. The citrus and floral cross of neroli, spicy and even metallic, blends with soft, elegant iris. The sweetness of vanilla is tempered by akigalawood, a special fractional distillation of patchouli that lends the extract a clean and woody strength. Une Amourette is a highly modern fragrance, but like iconic fashion or a passionate liaison, it’s timeless. It's a scent that makes and leaves its mark. It is worn first at the pulse point between the thighs. Une Amourette transcends gender. It is neither feminine nor masculine but it connects with the innate desire to take control, to be unique… And when two bodies come together, the alchemy of skin on skin and scent on skin is unleashed, and the full power of the fragrance is revealed.

Fragrance Family:
Mossy Woods

Main Notes:
Pink Peppercorn, Cardamom, Neroli, Peach, Iris, Patchouli, Opoponax, Akigalawood, Vanilla Absolute

Eau de Parfum

Contrasts. Spicy yet fresh. Light yet deep. A distinctive and sensuous signature for day and night.

Made in France

Une Amourette wears like a work of high fashion, it is avant-garde and cut precisely, its analogue is architectural as much as it is textural. It is an olfactory garment, as neroli (orange blossom) drapes across the wearer, touched by the heat of skin. The often delicate note, as soft as silky lace, it cut with an unprecedented aggression; a little tear is not unwelcomed. Its brightness is punctuated with powerful animalic indoles - lending ripeness and warmth to the blossom note, it makes it smell like a more intense version of itself. This is echoed with a white pepper note, adding aromatic interest and intensifying the animalic edge of this fragrance. Moreover, a touch of peach - adds sharpness, refinement, and a woody-milky undertone that leads into the heart and base of the composition.

Indeed, this display of creamy and potent florals are rapidly joined with Akigalawood, a modern-smelling patchouli note with pronounced wood and spice facets. Natural patchouli oil reinforces and adds depth to this exchange of woody, camphor-like, and earthy intensities, retaining at all times its markedly powerful and confident structure.

Overall, Une Amourette surprises - it repeats the modern impulse of perfumery to blur natural reference points, by making huge and unfamiliar of the central neroli note. It is a solid yet elegant fragrance, and greatly alluring.