Etat Libre d'Orange The Ghost In The Shell Eau de Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange The Ghost In The Shell Eau de Parfum
Etat Libre d'Orange The Ghost In The Shell Eau de Parfum
Etat Libre d'Orange The Ghost In The Shell Eau de Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange The Ghost In The Shell Eau de Parfum

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By mixing biotech and natural materials, this perfume silently celebrates the wake of the future and also whispers of a day to come, by providence or chance, when humanity is reunited and organised. A day when all consciousness is summoned by the infosphere to constitute a superior being and pass from the inert to the living. As the molecules assemble to make the living, we will then make a qualitative leap that becomes the starting point and arrival of transhumanism. This perfume is the future, it is a blend of cutting-edge synthetics and natural fragrant materials to achieve flesh-and-machine synthesis. The Ghost in the Shell, a perfume that speaks of the human phenomenon and its paradox, a perfume to wear on oneself ab libitum, at one’s pleasure. A perfume as a propagation towards the other, that makes you the axis and the arrow of evolution; modern, indeed! From the bottom of the matter, rise up.

Fragrance Family:
Mossy Woods

Main Notes:
Aqual, Yuzu HE, Hexyl Acetate (MANE Biotech), Jasmin Absolute, Mugane, Milky Skin Accord, Moss Accord, Vinyl Gaiacol (MANE Biotech), Orcanox

Eau de Parfum

Ultra modern milky musks, futuristic and unique: the perfect all-season all-occasion signature.

Made in France

Ghost in the Shell is pure future, an accelerated leap into new olfactory territories and the glorious result of grafting ultra-modern materials onto familiar ones - producing an unmistakable strangeness. To describe the smell of Ghost in molecular terms seems inevitable, but not very telling. Ghost is to be smelled and felt: its initial impression is a splice of jasmine weaved between sharp and shiny yuzu and creamy lactonic musks, ranging the gamut from ozonic, aquatic, and artificial. It is dominated by a metallic effect - prominent at the top and persistent into the base. It is somewhat unnerving, working over the surface of the natural, causing its partial disappearance. A combination of citrus, milk, and metal - it disturbs yet soothes after a while; it is weird yet mesmerising. It will call to mind vinyl, rubber, rainstorms, plastic, milky skin, merging all of these materials in an transcendent act - Ghost simulates, on our skin, a cybernetic play - the machine is realised on our skin. It is poetic, dream-like, yet alienating. Ghost reiterates the reminders, or the warnings, of the theorists of the postmodern: technology is an extension of the body … and after a while, nature disappears. Between utopia and dystopia, Ghost is the liminal stage in this sequence - a new vision of the body entirely.