Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash Eau de Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash Eau de Parfum
Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash Eau de Parfum
Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash Eau de Parfum

Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash Eau de Parfum

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Dear world: Do not throw anything away because at the bottom of our trash lies the fermented distillation of great love. The garbage trucks hold flowers that can still bleed, the peels and rinds that can still give. The noxious exhalations have honey notes that can merge with the earth. And there are so many floating concretions, the trash that is thrown into the sea, and the natural waste, the ambergris, mystical symbols, the attitudes of primitive tribes – these must now be reprocessed. Les Fleurs du Déchet represents a passage to the adulthood of Sécrétions Magnifiques. It is a counter-revolution for Etat Libre d’Orange, still noisy and disruptive, but ultimately functional.

Fragrance Family:
Woods (Fruity)

Main Notes:
Apple Essence, Bitter Orange, Green Tangerine, Rose Absolute, Iso E Super, Gariguette Strawberry, Cedarwood Atlas, Sandalore, Akigalawood

*All the notes in this fragrance have been ‘upcycled’, a unique Givaudan process that makes use of leftover materials from other production processes. Read More...

Eau de Parfum

A precise and serious combination of fruit and citrus notes combined with rose and resting on a fine woody base. Light and friendly - I Am Trash is functional, wearable disruption.

Made in France

I Am Trash must be praised for its meta-reflective stance against waste in perfumery: it is a commentary on this industry, and uniquely employs upcycled material. The apple note, for instance, is derived from leftover apple juice pulp, whilst Akigalawood is derived from fractions of the patchouli extraction process, that would have previously been disregarded. It is clear that Etat Libre d'Orange's more recent offerings are concerned with a 'sense of tomorrow'.

Perfumer Daniela Andrier makes good of this material: I Am Trash is a vibrant fruit-dominant fragrance, crisp and full with apple, strawberry, and tangerine notes - as if they were a compote unified with the delicious and soothing touch of rose. There is spice here, in the thick of this glorious assortment of valuable 'trash', amongst brilliant woody synthetics including Iso-E Super and Akigalawood, which are notes that are fine, translucent but never delicate - imparting amazing structure to the work. Find, deep in the base, a soft medley of amber and musk.

And when someone asks you what you're wearing, proudly declare: I Am Trash!