Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength Moustache Wax & Comb Set


Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength Moustache Wax & Comb Set

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Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength Moustache Wax is formulated for those who require something a little firmer. Handmade in England to an original recipe with nothing but the finest natural ingredients, this ultra stiff colourless wax will ensure your perky tips stand proud even when visiting the Tropics or surviving an unscheduled encounter with the Mother-in-Law. Light sandalwood fragrance.This gift set also includes a beautifully crafted fine toothed Folding Pocket Moustache Comb.

Ensure Moustache Wax is warm (carry it in your pocket for about 10 minutes). Comb your moustache, then scrape out a small amount (a little goes a long way) with the back of the thumbnail and warm up by rubbing between fingers and thumb before applying. Apply wax to the middle of your moustache and evenly rub it in, all the way out to the ends. Style to achieve desired effect.

Customer Reviews

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Great service and product is outstanding. If you thinking about the mustache comb , trust me it’s a must!!!


This is the first time I’ve used a moustache wax and the Captain Fawcett,s wax works very well. Extracting the wax from the container can be a bit of a fiddle but I’m sure it will become easier the moor I Use it.
So all in all it’s a thumbs up for me.

Firm for short expeditions

Ok a quick disclosure upfront. My mo is just 4 months old and I'm still on the learning curve. Captain Fawcett is my 2nd wax. Its a quality product, nicely packaged, and light on scent.
That was my issue with the 1st wax. Heavy coconut overtones right next to one's nose - what were they thinking! Anyway I digress.
The Captains's Expedition strength does indeed require more finger rubbing, but the hold is great. And it's easy if you keep the tin in your pocket as they recommend. Unfortunately after 2 hours of smiling or talking those pesky whiskers still head south into cappuccino froth.
Maybe I need to put more on. Not sure yet but it means I'm still needing to reapply frequently through the day.
Maybe in time as the whiskers get longer the issue will sort itself out. We shall see!


Bearded, all the staff must be bearded, the care of service and products are outstanding!
However, with the whiney begging for a review, me thinks they might all be girls......