Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (100)

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (100)
Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (100)

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (100)

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Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors and are known for their sharpness and durability. Widely used by barbers in Europe, these stainless steel blades come individually wrapped and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort.

Double Edge Blades - 20 packs of 5 blades

Also available in 5 blade packs.

Made in Russia

Note: These are authentic stock and the tucks are dated 05/22. Each blade is individually wrapped with a branded wrapper and has the Astra logo ink printed onto the blade (not laser etched).

About 4-6 shaves from a blade is typical. As soon as the edge starts to dull, replace it. It doesn’t matter which side of the blade faces up, and turning it over after a few shaves won’t make any difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Jacob D.
One of the best

These blades are well and truly sharp enough to give a good, close shave. They last for quite a while and are some of the cheapest blades available. Astra platinums are pretty much unbeatable for the someone who wants to save money but still wants a good shave

When only the best will do

I have tried the sample kits containing various brands and amongst the best are the Astra Superior Platinums. I inherited my grandfathers 1960's Gillette shaver and combined with the Astra blades they give a sensationally smooth shave. Especially good when you are shaving off a few days growth of stubble for that extra clean and smooth finish, then an application of your favourite after shave leaving you feeling luxurious and fresh for the day. Plus a discounted price of $15 for 100 blades make them a bargain.

Personally my favourite blades.

Personally my favourite blades. Tried other brand that are advertised as the sharpest but found them too harsh and left my skin red.

Said it before and will say it again, elite shop with elite products

I don't even bother looking around. I know this shop is the best. I don't care if there are cheaper options, because I know what I'm getting is elite.

Pleasantly surprised by these blades.

Tried these 10 years ago, but wasn’t convinced.
Made the mistake of “settling” on another obscure brand of blade that has since proven difficult to procure, so given these are readily available from anywhere (even my local barber stocks them) thought I’d give them another go.
Must say I’m pleasantly surprised; sharp enough for my beard in my grandfather’s old Gillette Superspeed (but not too sharp) and smooth enough that I barely feel it with less irritation than any other blade I’ve tried (heaven for my poor, long suffering and very sensitive neck).
Not sure about its durability - I can get 2, maybe 3 shaves from each blade - but at the sale price I could toss them after 1 and it not be an issue. Well worth a try if you haven’t already. Men's Biz price and swift delivery are spot on as usual.