Five of The Best Shaving Creams for Men

A great shaving cream makes for a great shave - period. A rich cushioning lather like soft cumulonimbus clouds, whipped into submission and applied to the face with a brush, creates a slick surface that acts as the medium between you and your blade, softening skin and hair, and helping the blade glide over the hairs, cutting them without discomfort and minimising any chance of irritation or excessive drying.

Most shaving creams employ a fairly standard blend of glycerin and fatty oils that serve the above functions. What distinguishes one product from another are exactly its differences: the fats employed makes all the difference when you're a connoisseur for choice and a sucker for specificity, and the blend of fragrance oils changes our entire experience of a shave.  Considered together, each and every shaving cream appeals to a different array of skin and shaving needs and fragrant preferences. In this article, we've chosen our top 5 for you to explore.

No.1: Santa Maria Novella Shaving Cream

While many expect a soft, meringue-like consistency when it comes to shaving cream, an Italian-style shaving cream is firmer in constitution and excels when lathered with a brush, forming masses of lather with minimal strokes. A denser formulation means less product is needed - a bonus.

We love how hydrating this SMN Shaving Cream is, and with its combination of Vegetable Fats and Glycerin, the slickness and residual softness of this product is unparalleled. Moreover, this shaving cream is scented with the aroma of Tabacco Toscano Cologne, an elegant and understated blend of sweet spices fused with the tingly aroma and feel of Eucalyptus, imparting a nostalgic Italian barbershop vibe. In a word: sophistication.

No.2: Acqua di Parma Shaving Cream Bowl

There are many good things to say about Acqua di Parma's Shaving Cream, another semi-soft Italian style lubricant. One immediately makes note of the iconic sunny yellow packaging which adds a burst of Mediterranean sunshine to one's shaving regime, extending this picture with the scent of Italian Citrus Fruits, a medley of lemon, bergamot, and herbs reminiscent of the traditional Colonia Cologne; a rush of casual elegant freshness that comes to life when the cream turns into a lather with the help of some warm water.

But this product's performance is where it shines - its formula employs Hyaluronic Acid and Eudermic Oils, which in fact hydrates the skin as you shave. In combination with additional extracts, we find the shaved areas of skin are left looking fresh and plump, as if after a gentle exfoliation.

No.3: Jack Black Supreme Cream

We find this product to be aptly named, and is our go to for those with problematic, sensitive, and dry skin. The product looks whipped and airy, and requires minimal effort to apply - with or without a brush -  it makes use of a 'Triple Cushion' blend of emollient ingredients that softens, smoothens,  hydrates and protects, where the exceptionally small molecular size of Macadamia Nut Oil penetrates and works below the skin’s surface to soften and hydrate skin, Glycerin locks in moisture, and Soybean Oil soothes and moisturises the skin.

Taking out the Best Shaving Cream at the Men's Health Grooming Awards, Jack Black Supreme Cream is a considered, generous, and modestly priced product that brings the joy back into easy and efficient shaving. 

No.4: Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream

Not quite tangy guacamole, but the fresh aroma of avocado, with its sweet, slightly nutty nuances that in fact resemble cooling cucumber. But, it’s not the taste or smell that we’re concerned about: in fact, for those who prefer neutral, naturally-derived aromas, this product is perfect.

Avocado Oil is functionally perfect for shaving. With its rich oil content (Oleic Acid), the focal ingredient of this shaving cream is gentle on the skin, lathers in a sinch, and is super slick when applied, easing the blade over the hair and skin, making it perfect for those new to the wet shaving circuit, or who suffer from sensitive skin afflictions. The end result is wonderfully soft skin that is lightly fragranced with a cooling aroma.

No. 5: Geo F. Trumper Coconut Shaving Cream Bowl

Something reserved for those who like the tropical and refreshing aroma of coconut, this Geo F. Trumper product is revered for its texture and feel, with a lather that cushions unlike anything else. Thank Coconut Oil extracted from the pulp of the namesake ingredient, rich in naturally occurring fatty acids (Lauric Acid, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid) that makes the lathering process effortless, and gives a wonderful ‘slip’ to the product. After a shave the skin is left hydrated and soft.

This cream also comes in convenient tube format - we love this product for travelling, as it easily packs away and lathers generously even without the aid of a brush - one less thing to carry around. Furthermore, using an exotic scent like coconut is an excellent way to break from routine, imperative when one travels to exotic locales!