Choosing a Fragrance For Your Wedding Day

No matter how you do them, weddings are always a special day. And although one often frets over the smallest details concerning the wedding - from the shape of the plates to the font of the dinner menu - the fragrance you wear is important, and likely to be overlooked. Make it count.

In this article, we begin with some wedding day pointers: some considerations that serve to elevate your experience surrounding the wedding - before, during, and after the big day. In the latter half of the article, we then recommend some fragrances appropriate for all sorts of weddings, great for those who don’t know where to begin!

First and foremost, all weddings are special moments in time. Our sense of smell is intimately connected to our memory, and we’re all familiar with those passing aromas that - without warning - evoke memories of places, spaces, people, and things. With this in mind, preempt this by selecting a unique fragrance that’ll powerfully preserve the memory. Inversely, avoid scents you might associate with work or the office - keep those things separate!

Savour the significant moment with something meaningful. Consider what you wore when you first met, or something that your partnerother has liked on you in the past. Make a tasteful choice, and be careful not to opt for anything that clears the room or divides opinion. 

Alternatively, capitalise on the new and the unknown and select a fragrance you’ve not yet worn to mark the occasion indelibly. If you need assistance, our Fragrance Sample Packs puts our fragrance curator at your service, and via a consultation process we can help you find a fragrance expertly matched to your needs and preferences. Even better, find the one, together with the one. 

Finally - have a splurge! You’ll never have a better reason This is the perfect occasion to splurge on a fragrance and find something extraordinary - that is, literally beyond the ordinary.

Men’s Biz Wedding Fragrance Selections

Fragrances for a Casual Wedding

Casual yet dressy is not a contradiction! If a casual wedding is more your style, maintain the relaxed yet ceremonious spirit with an effervescent fragrance without being aloof or downplaying the elegance factor. Cedar Woodpecker (Parle Moi de Parfum) puts the fun and the serious in equilibrium, where energetic citrus fruits settle on the pure and stylish heart of cedar wood with the classically fresh and floral dimension unique to iris alone. Cedar Woodpecker balances the bittersweet with the fresh and the dry, and this direct complexity is as refined as it is unstuffy - great for daytime weddings.

The Orchid Man (Frapin) keeps this tension between the fun and the serious alive, building a fragrance from an animalic base accord of leather, patchouli, amber, and moss. Overlaid is sizzling black pepper, juicy bergamot, and intoxicating fruit accents. The Orchid Man wears easily and effortlessly, and slides from day to night, formal and relaxed in an instant. For a wedding that is dynamic - perhaps concluding in a stylish restaurant or bar - The Orchid Man is a clear knockout.

Fragrances for a Traditional Wedding

For the traditionalists - classic dark suiting, bowties and shirt studs - the reserved but never boring Je Suis Un Homme (Etat Libre d’Orange) is classically-charged without reservation: a proud amalgamation of notes that honour traditionally ‘old-school’ masculinity - with a subversive twist, of course. A fantasy of what Napoleon himself may have sprayed on himself before combat, lustrous lemon notes are warmed with clove and cinnamon, given impact with a generous slug of Cognac, earthy patchouli, sweet myrtle, and an ambery-woody base of birch and ambergris. Perfect for all seasons, Je Suis is fantastic dressed up.

For the ultra-classic, Gold Man (Amouage) represents not only the best in its class, but one of the most luxurious fragrant compositions in history: a sumptuous blend of florals (muguet, rosehip, jasmine) arranged like a triumphant Mahler symphony, resting on a powerful base of resins, balsamics, and animal notes of the highest quality. Gold Man speaks of a luxury of a time that might appear age-old now, but its formal excellence is indubitably timeless. Not everyone can pull this fragrance off, but a monumental occasion demands a scent like this. 

For a Country Wedding: Bois du Portugal (Creed)

Bois du Portugal (Creed) is evocative of the earthy and the natural, and its green qualities wear well in a country setting. In this fragrance, handsomely masculine notes of sandalwood, cedar, and musk are bathed in the sunny warmth of bergamot, soapy green petitgrain and refined lavender - a harmonious blend that smells of honest and good-natured sophistication, with a beautifully green bucolic edge. A brilliant gentlemanly classic of the well-groomed barbershop variety. 

For a Modern Wedding: Jubilation XXV (Amouage)

Jubilation XXV (Amouage) reflects more modern tastes for luxury in the superlative register. A similarly resinous base combines with the distinct aroma of oud, myrrh and incense, lifted up with an extraordinary torrent of spices, honey, and fruits - including blackberry for tart freshness. Like an exotic and mature confiserie in scent, it is generous and addictive. Jubilation XXV is charmingly memorable and redolent, and for these reasons, it is perfect for the wedding day. We imagine this suited for someone of magnetic character, who has a taste for quality with a sharp exotic streak.

For an Beach Wedding: Erolfa (Creed)

Inspired by the Mediterranean, think invigorating and sparkling seas, pristine coastline salty air, and citrus-scented breezes. Erolfa (Creed) infuses these impressions with a decidedly dressed up aspect, with the warm and devilishly mercurial notes of cumin, ginger and caraway, and the crisp classically masculine breeze of pine and cedar. Altogether, Erolfa is considered and winsome freshness, with an aura that perfectly pairs with a beach wedding.

For a Garden Wedding: Green Irish Tweed (Creed)

If the wedding takes place outdoors during the warmer months, consider a citrus. Green Irish Tweed (Creed) is classic masculine freshness that miraculously evokes the aroma of sunlight and dew early on a springtime morning. A peppy note of crisp apple rapidly moves into violet leaf, sandalwood, and amber. More than the sum of its parts, it's the combination of herbal and green effects against a fresh woodiness that gives this scent an amiable personality, covering the wearer in the fragrant equivalent of a tweed suit and brown brogues.

For a Trendy and Urban Wedding: Remarkable People (Etat Libre d’Orange

Exactly as the name suggests, Remarkable People (Etat Libre d’Orange) is an enlivening scent that celebrates remarkable moments and remarkable people. Remarkable People celebrates the here and now with its modern profusion of notes. The beguiling bitterness of tart grapefruit pairs with dry Champagne, generating a sizzling effect that is amplified with black pepper, cardamom, and curry leaf with dry woods in the base. Overall, this fragrance has the convivial energy of a high-spirited toast. Remarkable People finds its rightful place in the most urban of settings, with its trendy yet approachable personality.

For Those Eloping: Black Afgano (Nasomatto)

And finally, if you’re eloping, may we suggest something strong, compact, and controversial? Nasomatto’s Black Afgano brings together hashish, tobacco, coffee, and oud for a bold scent reserved for the daring.