FZOTIC Feu Secret Eau de Parfum

FZOTIC Feu Secret Eau de Parfum
FZOTIC Feu Secret Eau de Parfum

FZOTIC Feu Secret Eau de Parfum

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Cool and warm, woody and floral, Feu Secret dives into the paradoxes of orris butter. It opens with a bright burst of pink pepper and eucalyptus. Then it reveals the heart of orris, pairing it with turmeric, Himalayan Cedar, and smoke. Subtle vanilla adds creamy gourmand comfort to this scent. Androgynous and sublimely distinctive.

Fragrance Family:

Hemlock Spruce, Eucalyptus, Iris, Turmeric, Pink Pepper, Himalayan Cedar, Birch Tar, Vanilla

Eau de Parfum

Inwards looking and interesting, Feu Secret is a personal fire. A comforting and warming flame.

Bruno’s Inspiration:
“Orris butter is the most mysterious of the botanicals and has always fascinated and delighted me. For years I wanted to build a fragrance around it. Feu Secret is named for the "secret fire" of the medieval alchemists; a personal, internal fire maintained to transform the soul. I developed this scent when I was going through a time of transition. I wanted to create a private, personal, and sustaining fragrance. I love that orris is a rhizome underground. It sends up a plant each year that blooms and then dies away. The rhizome/root is the source and soul of a plant re-invented year after year."

Made in the USA

To feed the flame – this is the fantasy of Feu Secret, a personal fire that accompanies the wearer. Tendrils of flame flickering in the cold, its shimmering mysterious light a beguiling pulse against the black night. Orris, the root of the iris flower, softens this flame – these tongues of fire. It is a smokeless burn; its earthly sweetness is cool and warm. An aromatic fire, eucalyptus leaves, pine needles, and pink pepper crackle and sigh their spicy and clean scent. In the background, the air passes through the trees, picking up their verdant scent, tinged with camphor. Turmeric root, reminiscent of parched soil, returns us to the core of this orris flame, softened with the intoxicatingly smoky hue of vanilla. Feu Secret is quiet, velvety, and gentle, but the shape it forms in its trail is unmissable and prominent.