Zoologist Tiger Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Tiger Extrait de Parfum
Zoologist Tiger Extrait de Parfum

Zoologist Tiger Extrait de Parfum

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The frail glow of the waning moon dwindles until only impenetrable blackness persists across the grasslands. A herd of deer venture tentatively into the expanse. Though their long necks dip to feed, their dainty legs remain tense, poised to flee. Nearby, gleaming gold eyes pierce the gloom, and silky ears stiffen, attuned to the softest tremor. The tiger advances haltingly, intent on its prey, anticipating a moment of vulnerability. In a seamless motion, it leaps and descends upon its victim, its razor-sharp fangs sinking deep into the deer’s throat. As the deer’s life fades, its herd is already gone, evaporating into the night. Like the thrill inspired by a low, rumbling growl cutting through silence, Zoologist Tiger couples danger with majesty. Vetiver’s earthy body is licked with stripes of kumquat, saffron and jasmine in an elegant pattern. Incense lurks at the edges, shrouded by smoky undertones of papyrus and ebony wood. Tiger arouses intrigue, putting those around you on high alert.

Fragrance Family:
Dry Woods

Main Note:
Kumquat, Cardamom, Saffron, Jasmine Sambac, Incense, Carrot Seeds, Suede, Vetiver, Ebony Wood, Papyrus, Ambrette Seeds

Extrait de Parfum (20%)

Sublimated vetiver. A gorgeous play of citrus fruits against dark woods and suede. Tiger is a well-dressed fragrance that lends an air of sophistication to any look.

Made in Canada

Tiger begins with a sharp and precise burst of kumquat, a bitter orange citrus fruit that is unmistakably zesty, leafy, floral and astringent in tone, with a mellow sweetness that reminds of marmalade. This ingredient is not a soloist, and its sizzle is rapidly cooled with resinous cardamom and shiny saffron, the latter echoing the honied qualities of this citrus note. This beautiful and pristine opening frames a vetiver note that grows in prominence, which prowls in a phantasmal floral grass – made up of dry papyrus with its affinity for vetiver, earthy and vegetal carrot and ambrette seeds, and unctuous jasmine sambac, revealing a tenderness that almost turns this prowl into a slinky and elegant display. Haunting this composition is incense, which is subtle yet surefire, imparting a shadowy sense of danger to Tiger – the creature lurking, hunting, waiting. A suede note reinforces the animality of this scent, a textured sturdiness that maintains the power of this deadly hunter.

Tiger’s dry woodiness appeals immediately to lovers of this category and operates on a popular contrast of light and dark, where citrus notes work on smoky woody notes and vice-versa. Tiger is faithful to this category but gives unique emphasis to the fresh bittersweet and tonic qualities of citrus, which last long into the dry down – which is as central as the woody notes, and never an afterthought.

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Dry, spicy and mature, not for everyone but very good