Tauer Phtaloblue Eau de Parfum


Tauer Phtaloblue Eau de Parfum

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Surrender to an Eau de Parfum encapsulating the nativeness and briskness of a day at the sea. Phtaloblue is fresh and bright with elegant citrus and herbaceous notes, and at the same time rich and deep with balsamic woody and floral accords. Phtaloblue will accompany you through your day, redefining the aquatic genre.

Fragrance Family:

Main Note:
Aquatic Accord

Eau de Parfum

A relaxed but no less structured fragrance. Great for lazy days and a perfect casual signature scent.

Made in Switzerland

What's apparent is two things: Tauer has made a stylistic shift, now reinventing classic genres (viz. Les Annees 25 Bis), and has spent his time perfecting the warm water [l'eau chaude] theme in particular with L'Eau and L'Air des Alpes Suisses, reaching perfection with Phtaloblue. What's to love? Tauer has transformed the aquatic category - dispensing with the vertical metallic amber trope and replacing it with dry tonka bean, an ambery gourmand almond-like note, and an Herbes de Provence accord achieved through lavender, sweet fennel, and other herb notes soaked in brine. The result is a work that smells like an aquatic - it keeps its essential spirit - but it is so refreshingly done and sufficiently different that it demands a spot in anyone's collection. We're confident that this is the most wonderful thing Tauer has done in years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The wrong kind of water...

If you ever want to smell like a toilet duck, this is the fragrance for you. It’s so pungent I feel like I am seeing the color blue. Sure it reminds me of water, but in the worst possible way. Why would anyone actively choose to smell like this? As it dries it isn’t so bad, it degenerates into something a little more palatable. It is extremely puzzling, I literally can’t think of any other way to describe this other than porcelain. Perhaps the fresh laundered smell of a toilet mat. The greatest benefit is that it is quick to dissipate and anyone attempting to cover it up will be forgiven by fragrance connoisseurs as having just left the bathroom.

A *very* deep aquatic

Pthalo Blue is the colour of a very vast and deep ocean, Tauer's version places us on the sea floor amongst the ocean vegetation. It has depth and intrigue, it's not horrible or overwhelmingly beautiful it's just very, very bizarre and that makes it kind of cool. The fennel and green notes are an interesting touch but overall it was a pretty difficult wear. If you do find that you enjoy it the big plus is that it last for an absolute eternity.

I'd highly recommend you sample before making a purchase, if only to satisfy your curiosity. This will hardly take the place of L'Air du Desert Marocain but it's a good conceptual fragrance that has been executed well.