Orto Parisi Stercus Parfum

Orto Parisi Stercus Parfum

Orto Parisi Stercus Parfum

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Orto Parisi Stercus holds nothing back, blasting a heady mix of tobacco, woods and leather notes at full volume. Don't judge a book buy its cover - or in this case, a fragrance by its name.

Fragrance Family:
Dry Woods

Main Note:


Take it from us, this scent should be worn with caution. Best worn in the evenings of cooler months.

Made in Italy

Stercus could be construed as Black Afgano's agrestic cousin, evoking aspects of a countryside barnyard; animal and all. A melange of castoreum, oud, and leather build this style, cut with the usual masculine calm typical of Guiltieri. If you look closely at this fragrance and watch it develop, Stercus has an undeniable masculine elegance to it, opening with the aroma of bitter almonds, hay, and cherry, with a dusty floral aroma redolent of an unlit cigar. This moves into the soft creamy impression of sandalwood set against an evocative image of raw hide and leather tanneries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Incredible . Lasting . Memorable

My biggest problem with finding a new sent is everything smells like something I’ve smelt before Stercus is NEW and Diffrent . I actually love the fact that it starts off “stinking “ then to develop into such a unique memorable lasting sent !

Pure Art

READ REVIEW BEFORE PURCHASING! This perfume is a unique one.. Stercus is Latin for poop.. generally perfumes are nice smelling and for once someone has had the balls to make something that is not. This smells like I've been working in the garden covered in dirt for a week or more, out on the town for a wild one and then hungover in bed for a weekend... with no shower and perhaps a spray of patchouli to mask the stench. This is in no way, black afghano's cousin... this is raw anamalistic dirt. In my opinion it stinks to high heaven and I could never wear it. Kudos if your brave enought to go out in public with this on... despite the fact I find it unwearable, it is radically outside the norm, breaks all my notions of what a perfume SHOULD smell like and is art in a bottle. Oh and it's silage is equally as beastly...