Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum

Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum
Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum

Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum

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Nasomatto Black Afgano is a scent trip only for the most daring among you. Aiming to capture some of the scent qualities and all of the effects of hashish, mystery and intrigue has followed this perfume since its inception. Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes like coffee, oud, tobacco and hash, Black Afgano is beautifully relentless and utterly enveloping. Presented with a handmade wooden cap.

Fragrance Family:
Woody Amber

Main Note:
Cannabis, Coffee, Oud

Extrait de Parfum

Perfect for the cold weather, dressed up in formal attire or avant-garde clothing.

Read All About It: 
The Philosophy of Nasomatto: A Close Look at Black Afgano

Made in Italy

Black Afgano offers the clearest expression of the Nasomatto style, equally encapsulating the brand’s ethos. Its simple note list of coffee, oud, tobacco, and hashish becomes the basis of a trip. Its olfactory profile is merely a key towards a broader, more holistic experience. Its impression is that of many folds of black, illuminated by only a single point of light, its beams irradiating plumes of smoke and char. There is the gentle lift of green viscous sweetness, which becomes a lacquer on the textured surface of rough-hewn wood in an impenetrably black colour.

In many respects, Black Afgano is not meant to induce an easy experience – there is no guarantee that it’ll yield itself to the wearer. It has a brutal toughness. It is funky and coarse and unflinching about this fact. Nasomatto perfumes are interesting ones, they make us question our tastes whilst inducing an experience as we let the fragrances work themselves upon us. It is a mystery – its scent leads the way, along the resinous trail to its drydown where it becomes a sweetly smouldering scent.

These notes are united by a central theme of smoke and char. Roasted coffee and sticky hashish oleoresin – alight in a precious wooden pipe – become the frame in which tobacco and chips of agarwood are ignited in a ceremony of smoke and fumes. Remarkably, Black Afgano oscillates between woody and amber sensations and textures – defining its character.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tee Bee

This aroma is hard to define, it's got different scents at different times!
All with varying degrees of 'edginess' is the best way I can describe it, naturally this is just my opinion!
It's four and a half stars


I love this fragrance and so do the women!!!
Compliments galore

David A
12 months on

This scent is a winner.
Everytime I use this I'm reminded of the enigma that it is.
My wife knows this scent when I wear it. It's the only one that she picks everytime.

An amazing fragrance that is a must have.

Nasomatto Fragrance Samples

Black Afgano Parfum Is the best fragrance out of all the tester, these samples are convenient to try to make sure you get the perfect scent.

Smoko but classy

Sweeter than you think it'll be, but in good almost sherbety way. Like smoko and incense but at the Hilton instead of your mate's sharehouse. Fancy winter vibes.