Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Safety Razor: Gold (34G)

Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Safety Razor: Gold (34G)

Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Safety Razor: Gold (34G)

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The Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor (also known as the Merkur HD or the Merkur Hefty Classic Double Edge Razor) is one of the most popular razors in the Merkur line. The thick handle and fixed blade exposure make this the ideal first razor for a beginner. The Heavy Duty is similar to the Classic, but comes with a slightly thicker, heavier handle and a more sophisticated 2-piece construction. Stylish gold plated finish. Also available in chrome.

34G HD
90 34 003 / 34 003

Closed Comb 2-Piece Double Edge Razor

4.1 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.3 cm

Head and Handle:
Die-casted zinc head with brass knurled handle. 24-karat gold plated.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Fantastic, versatile little unit!

I've been using cheaper DE razors for about a year, finally taking the plunge into something a little nicer (this). Firstly, the gold finish - if this wasn't available i would've been happy with the silver, but the gold adds a nice touch to it, feels a bit special every time i pick it up, and it's not a gaudy gold at all - Merkur got it just right.

Once used to it, i feel the handle length is spot-on, really feels like you're working close to your face/head, which helps with dialing in your shaving angle.

I've used this shaving both my face, neck and head, and it's been exceptional in all cases. I have a crease on the left side of my neck that lends itself to having pretty sensitive skin - with previous DE razors and Gillette cartridge razors alike, i would always nick myself there, i always came away from a shave, bleeding in that area.

It might not be a precision scalpel (no pun intended) like other razors on the market, but this razor, armed with a Wilkinson Sword / Derby / Astra blade, makes for a fantastic, mild, forgiving tool that makes multi-pass shaving not only totally safe, but a pleasure!

Thanks to this lil guy, i actually ENJOY taking 20min out of my day, to have a nice, safe, thorough shave.

And if you're in a rush and only have a few mins in the morning to get ready? One pass will get you looking neat and fresh for that meeting, no worries!

Nice finish and a great shave.

This is my first "real" razor after the Weishi tech clone and the Ming Shi Futur clone. Both were not bad introductory razors, especially for the price, but the difference between them and the Merkur 34/HD is night and day. What were once weepers are now slight razor burn, and I don't have to worry about the ultra-cheap pot metal and shoddy mechanisms falling apart on me mid-shave.

Best choice for looks and shave

I used my last razor for around 8 years so when you decide to get one get a good one and this is certainly a good razor, really good quality, great gold finish and it shaves really well. Easy grip and easy blade changes. Great for the pro or the beginner.

A mild razor safe for those new to DE shaving

The Merkur 34G was the first razor I purchased when converting from cartridge to double edge razors. I found the razor to be quite small in my hands (I'm 6'2) but I eventually became used to its size. The mild and smooth nature of this razor allowed me to hone my shaving skills while getting used to shaving with a double edge razor but in hindsight, I should have ordered a longer handle merkur. FYI all closed comb merkur razors have the same head design, only the handle dimensions and weight differ. I would definitely recommend this razor to new and experienced DE shavers but I would suggest that those people with larger hands to look over the other merkur razors available here. But then again, not all models are available in gold.

Short but good

I don't regret switching from disposables to this 'old' style razor, and doubt I'll switch back. No question the shaving is closer and the product is a quality one, but ... it's way too short in my hand. Perhaps it's because I'm used to long-handled razors after all these years, but I want/need at least one to two more centimetres in the handle length for it to feel comfortable in my grip. Any suggestions for an alternative?