Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Polished Chrome

Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Polished Chrome

Merkur Solingen Futur Safety Razor: Polished Chrome

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The Merkur Futur Double Edge Safety Razor allows you to adjust the angle of the blade inside the razor head to suit your personal preference and beard type. With the turn of a dial, the Futur can be configured to perform the way you want it to - from ultra tame (1) to super aggressive (6). Solid and well constructed, the Futur features a Duo Clip head that clips on and off when changing blades. Polished chrome finish. Also available in satin chrome or gold plated finish or as part of a set with matching brush and stand.

Futur 701: Chrome
90 701 001 / 701 001

Closed Comb Double Edge Razor with Adjustable Blade Gap

5.2 cm x 2.6 cm x 11 cm

Head and Handle:
Die-casted zinc with fixed handle. Polished chrome-plated.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Really loving it so far.

Really loving it so far. Works great and feels really nice. The only issue I have with it is the handle is hard to grip if any of the shaving cream gets on it. Would probably advise picking one with a textured handle if this sounds like an issue to you.

Excellent and Mensbiz service first rate

I have used this razor for the past month and whilst still finding the right setting for me, this is an excellent razor.
No issues with adjustment or changing blades and a quality product.
Had problem with my badger brush breaking and Mensbiz replaced no questions in no time, thank you for excellent service and products.

Smoothest shave next to a cut throat razor

I've had this razor for over a year now, and I really like it. I learned to shave using a gillette super adjustable, and my Father's straight razor, but started using schick ultras while travelling in the 80's. I used them until the prices went over $1 a blade and I saw I could get good DE blades at 20c a piece. I decided to go back to using an adjustable razor, as you can keep it gentle for most of the shave and then crank up the aggressiveness for the difficult patches. I could not find a gillette adjustable in a good condition for a reasonable price, so I selected the chrome Future. It was nowhere near as aggressive on setting 1 as forums suggested. It is very comfortable at 1, but 6 can take your moles off! With that said I still crank it up to 6 to get the difficult spots smooth in a single pass. Later I picked up and replated a Gillette Slim, and as much as I love the slim for its nostalgia, James Bond connections, etc, it is not as good as the Future. The Future is so well balanced in the hand, it gives an audible feedback when it hits the whiskers, and it is so smooth. I do not find it too slippery in hand. I only find it too agressive if I have a bit of sunburn, and hence I wish it went down to the equivalent of a 7 on the slim, otherwise it is perfect. I should add that my first Future had a small amount of chrome flake off one of the numbers, but MensBiz replaced it straight away. The current one is fine. It really is an excellent razor.

Excellent Razor

Delving into the world of DE shaving, I chose the Futur for longevity's sake. Meaning, as a beginner I would be able to dial the razor onto 1 and then progress further as I become more and more experienced.
I love the option of being able to change the amount of blade exposure, and often alternate and drop it lower when going against the grain.
As far as Paul mentioned with the slippery dip, I wouldn't agree entirely. Yes, it can be slippery if due diligence is not shown. Whilst shaving I have had NO problems whatsoever with slip, th weight balance is simply perfect.
When rotating the dial, do take care as this is where you may go wrong. Ensure your hands AND razor are dry, as your hands can slip over the blade. This is very easily counteracted by holding onto the head with the same towel I use to wash my face after each run, so absolutely no dramas there.

I've come to love the ease in which you're able to change blades. To begin with I was a bit apprehensive in lifting the head cap so close to the blade, but it really is a non issue. Just make sure your hands are dry first - best be on the safe side eh.

Overall, I love this Futur, it has brought me much pleasure in shaving, it's lovely to look at, the chrome is nice, it has a beautiful, solid feel and weight in the hand.

Oh and just in case you're wondering whether the head is too bulky to shave up around the nostrils, it's ok, it does just fine!

Happy shaving!

Wow.. This is one heavy razor!

This is one heavy razor. That being said, its Fantastic!

After reading a lot on this razor, there were some concerns about the chrome finish being slippery, however, I can confirm I have not had any issues provided I dont have any soap on my hands.

Loading the blade is quite different to what I am used to, however, its very easy, and a lot quicker than typical razors.

This is one nice looking and performing razor, and can be set from being very mild to being quite aggressive! I love it!

I own both the Progress and the Vision 2000, but the Future is part of my regular rotation.

Be aware that this razor is quite heavy and also quite large to handle on the face, but once you're used to it, its very nice!

Thanks Mensbiz for the free samples! I also bought the leather holder which keeps the razor nice, snug and protected.