Merkur Solingen Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (10)

Merkur Solingen Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (10)

Merkur Solingen Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (10)

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Merkur Super Platinum Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors. Each pack contains 10 rust-resistant high-carbon stainless steel blades and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. Each blade is individually paraffin wrapped and contained in a convenient 10 pack dispenser. Also available in larger 100 blade packs, which work out much cheaper. Made in the Czech Republic.

Double Edge Blades - Each pack contains 10 blades

Also available in 100 blade packs.

Made in Czech Republic

About 4-6 shaves from a blade is typical. As soon as the edge starts to dull, replace it. It doesn’t matter which side of the blade faces up, and turning it over after a few shaves won’t make any difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Too expensive for what you get

I haven't had magical results like some of the other reviewers which justify the price of these blades. I get comparable results with Personna Lab Blue.

My go-to blade

How much should you read into any review of a razor blade? Given that the same blade my yield quite different results from one person to the next it really is worth trying as many as you can. I have found the Merkur blades to be the best for me. All I can suggest is to give them a go and see if they work.

Expensive but worth it... for me!

It's worth prefacing every blade review with.... "You really need to try a mixture of blades to find the one that best suits your face".
I did exactly that. Bought a sampler pack and worked out which one worked best for me.
Feathers are sharpest and offer a really close shave, however they regularly cut me to bits.
Merkur whilst not as sharp do not cut me to pieces and offer a good close DE shave.

Best ones to get

Top brand

Only average

Having wet-shaved with DE and straight razors, I've experienced a wide range of blade types. By way of background, I have average/dry skin with thick, dark growth so I'm a real challenge for most razors!

Until earlier this year, I had been using Derby Green DE blades in Merkur and Gillette razors. I thought they were Ok but in recent years, the Derbys seemed to have decreased their quality control so I moved to Personna Red Packs (Israeli made blades). I also mixed things up with Feathers (way too sharp for me and left me raw) and now the Merkurs.

Of all those blades, the Merkur blades reminded me most of the Derbys - plenty of feedback, not particularly smooth or sharp, generally inoffensive but without the QC problems I'd been experiencing with the Derbys (I could have sworn that the Derby edges weren't straight as I could feel parts of the blade regularly scraping and nicking my neck and they also didn't hold their edge very well).

For the price of the Merkurs, I just couldn't justify them further and have gone back to the Personna Red Pack. The Personna Reds give an amazing, super smooth shaving experience that everyone should try.

As always with these things YMMV.