Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

Merkur Solingen Classic Safety Razor (33C)

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The Merkur Classic Safety Razor was introduced nearly a century ago and is still one of the best. The Classic is similar to the Heavy Duty, but comes with a slimmer, lighter handle and 3-piece construction. Like its big brother, this would make a fine razor for a beginner.

33C Classic
90 33 001 / 33 001

Closed Comb 3-Piece Double Edge Razor

4.1 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.5 cm

Head and Handle:
Die-casted zinc head and brass knurled handle. Chrome-plated.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Great shaving experience but maybe spend a little more, even if it hurts the budget.

So I've been using the Merkur 33c for about 3 months and this is my first double edge safety razor. Overall, I'm loving the experience due to this razor (many years a straight razor user), it feels steady in the hand and is very easy to maneuver.

However, I feel like I should've pushed my budget a little more and gotten something a little bit more expensive, as I feel like the handle is a tad bit shorter than I'd like and the head could've benefitted from two different effects.

This is a fantastic day to day razor however and a great place to start with safety razors, to help users learn what they want.

Works perfect, reasonable prices and fast delivery.

Works perfect, reasonable price and fast delivery.

Worth the investment

After being interested in wet shaving for a while I bought a cheap razor off a non-specialty store which cut my face and gave me razor burn and irritation significantly worse than cartridge razors.

When I bought this to test whether it was my technique or blades or the razor I found out that the cheap razor sucked.

This product was superior in every way. No more cuts and the smoothest shave I've ever had. If you think you want to get into wet shaving, I can endorse this product.

Flawless quality product at a good price

Razor is a treat. To hold something so well finished and solid in construction is a treat. I don’t know why I ever wasted my money on those plastic system razors - more expensive, poorer shave and less manly.

Making Shaving Enjoyable!

Recently switched to safety razor starting with this one. To use a cliche; "game changer"! After so many years of shaving as a chore, this makes the whole experience enjoyable. With the knowledge that no more plastic disposable heads and packaging are no longer part of my life the feeling is even sweeter. What a great start with this handle. Could not recommend highly enough!