Merkur Solingen 1904 Safety Razor: Open Comb

Merkur Solingen 1904 Safety Razor: Open Comb

Merkur Solingen 1904 Safety Razor: Open Comb

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The Merkur 1904 Open Comb Safety Razor is great for tough, coarse or heavy beards. The open tooth head offers more exposure to the blade and is therefore slightly more aggressive than a regular closed comb/safety-bar razor.While this model is best suited to someone with a little experience wielding a double edge razor, there is no reason why it can't be used by a beginner. The handle is otherwise identical to the Merkur 1904 and it comes in a stylish chrome plated finish.

1904 Open Comb
90 41 001 / 41 001

Open Comb 3-Piece Double Edge Razor

Head and Handle:
Chrome-plated die-casted zinc head with ornate antique-style 6-sided etched handle

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fantastic razor for beginners

This was my first DE razor as I am just starting out in wet shaving.

The razor has a solid build and is great value for the price. It is easy to use and has nice detailing on the handle. The overall size of the razor is quite small so this is perfect for someone who is just starting out.

Replacing the razor is simple and the handle unscrews quite easily.

Nice looking Razor, however, can't get a close shave!

This was my second DE razor purchase (having purchased the Closed Comb).

It looks and feels great! I simply love the style of it all.

The only down side I find is that the Razor Blade sits right on the "open comb", which means your angle has to be spot on! I find that I get mild shaves from this razor (meaning its not that aggressive).

As an added bonus, you will know when your angle is off, as you will have "Stripes" from the teeth in your shaving cream if your angle is incorrect, which can help perfect your technique.

Overall nice razor, but I prefer the closed comb version over this one.

Excellent razor!

My research indicated that Open Comb razors (such as the 1904) were more "aggressive" than closed comb razors (such as the Merkur HD). I would say based on my limited experience that is true. However, this particular razor for some reason sits more towards the mild end of the spectrum.

I found that my face liked the razor almost instantly. The first few shaves were close and comfortable, and you can't ask for more than that.

I also found that this razor is TINY! It's much smaller than you think it will be! I don't have large hands, so keeping a hold of this razor and manouverability are a cinch for me.

Overall I would say this great razor is suitable for a beginner because it's easy to learn technique with but honestly, any shaver, regardless of experience, will be able to get a fine shave with this.

I have heard some minor gripes about the handle. Looking at it you might think that it might not be that great in the clinches, but even with wet fingers, in the middle of a shave, I have yet to lose grip.

What's more, it looks great!

one of the worst

Just got this razor 2day the razor looks very nice

the razer has a bit of rust on the inside where u scerw it in. It was a liltle hard 2 screw in also

I used some singer oil that helped

the handle is VERY short i would recomend buying one with a longer handle

it does giive a nice finish tho