Men's Biz Fragrance Sample Pack: Weird and Wonderful, 8 x 1ml


Men's Biz Fragrance Sample Pack: Weird and Wonderful, 8 x 1ml

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Perfume-as-art! This collection of fragrances emphasises creativity and imagination, and contains a number of weird and wonderful scents that push conventions to their limits. Here you’ll find unusual accords and curious ingredients at the forefront, telling vivid stories and visiting curious themes.

Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d'Orange is immoderate and powerful, where ultra-dry birch tar is left unsweetened, intensified with aldehydes, tar, and incense notes. Rien is not nothing [rien], rather, it is everything. Returning us to our primordial carnal roots, Orto Parisi's Seminalis is the scent of life and transfigures lily of the valley to mimic the smell that attracts the sperm to the ovum, wrapping this in a creamy melange of milk, honey, and almond. For a scent that denies the natural, China White (Nasmatto) constructs a powdery leather fragrance that denies all natural reference points, and the liminal Nudiflorum (Nasomatto) is a jasmine suffocated in shimmery metallic notes, wrapped in rubbery leather and cold sherbet-like aldehydes.

A gothic mood is provided by Frapin's Nevermore, which invokes cold wet cobblestones with a combination of oxidized notes and synthetic ozone/petrichor molecules, blushing with saffron and a vinous rose heart. Then consider 1740 (Histoires de Parfums), the perfumed manifesto for a hedonist, where unflinchingly bitter top notes descend into a bold and daring base of immortelle, patchouli, and leather. Archives 69 (Etat Libre d'Orange) pushes fruit to its limits, and puts it in counterpoint by bruising these notes with the spicy menthol-like note of camphor and the searing heat of black pepper. For some proper heat, try Nostalgia (Santa Maria Novella), which manages to invoke the gasoline heat of hot car engines and the solar warmth of sunlight hitting fine leather upholstery and asphalt alike.

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