Fragrance Sample Pack: Tauer - Greatest Hits, 8 x 1ml


Fragrance Sample Pack: Tauer - Greatest Hits, 8 x 1ml

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The Swiss wonder of the perfume world, Andy Tauer creates highly unique, distinctive, and imaginative fragrances. Completely independent and unfettered in his creative potential, Tauer's style is marked by a generosity of ingredients and freedom of expression, with a characteristic ‘Tauerade’ accord, a sublime combination of ingredients that give Tauer fragrances an unmistakable tingling energy, thanks to a clever and exotic blend of diffusive amber and floral molecules.

Tauer is most famous for L'Air du Desert Marocain, an evocative fragrance that draws pictures of the Maghreb desert in scent. A scent of exotic promise, a gentle sandstorm is generated through the use of coriander seed, a weightless spice that lifts the main notes of amber, cedar, and incense. Breathe in and smell spice markets, infinite blue skies, planes of sand, and the solace of shade in the heat. Au Coeur du Desert revisits this theme by zooming into this Moroccan desert, emphasising a heart of patchouli and leather, wearing closer to the skin. Lonestar Memories is a study of leather, generating a bewildering intensity through smoke that softens with wear, contrasting sticky birch tar with the fragrant purity of herbs and resins. This is a cowboy at sundown: leather jackets, well-loved denim, and gritty dry earth. For extremity only in its purity, try Incense Extreme, an incense of extraordinary and superlative quality, like translucent whisps as clear as a night in the desert, rounded and balanced with dry woods and intoxicating ambergris.

L'Air des Alpes Suisse opens with a green top note reminiscent of green meadows and bitter alpine herbs, quickly transitioning into the promised olfactory landscape of the Swiss Alps. It's like warm ambery sunlight falling on rough granite ground and dry earth, ascending from a verdant picture of pine forests into that of mountains, cool glacial air, and a light covering of snow. Whereas Vanilla Flash pairs this back, offering a masterful simplicity with a vanilla that is cool and tinged with the floral aspects of tobacco leaf and the blushing heart of patchouli.

The Tauerade accord takes front and center in Orange Star, as a medley of orange citrus fruits come together and explode in a fizzy neon-coloured frenzy, supported with the ambery salty tang of ambergris and tonka bean. Finally, consider PHI Une Rose De Kandahar, a rare rose, with a vintage vibe and a spicy lick to it, turned blushing with notes of apricot, tobacco, vanilla, and amber.

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