Histoires de Parfums Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

Histoires de Parfums Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

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Histoires de Parfums presents an authored olfactory library that tells stories on the skin, celebrating extraordinary characters, from the infamous Marquis de Sade to Ernest Hemingway, achieved through exquisite fragrant materials. The resulting perfumes are powerful, instantly memorable, and uniquely distinct. From within this range of 6 fragrances, there's something for everyone.

Take the fragrance flight in chronological order. Starting with Ambre 114 makes sense, and although it lacks a year, the namesake note speaks to old-world perfumery - of incense smoke and smouldering resins, here bolstered with herbs and spices like thyme, nutmeg, and vanilla to perfect the fantasy note. 1725 (Casanova) is a most elegant and captivating lavender fragrance with sweet herbal breath spiced with star anise and liquorice. With a captivating lemon top note and a base of vanilla and amber, it's like a sword plunged through clouds of whipped cream. Swap seduction for the indelicacies of libertinism in 1740 (Marquis de Sade), the perfumed manifesto for a hedonist, as unflinchingly bitter top notes rapidly descend into an earthy base of patchouli, immortelle, leather, and pine needles.

Recover from this transgression with the rational 1828 (Jules Verne), which is much like a marine breeze over a wild heath. Scratchy cedar wood is combined with tender nutmeg, pepper, and enlivened with crisp green eucalyptus, coated in an atmospheric incense. Embrace cultural Paris during the fin de siecle via 1899 (Ernest Hemingway), as night throws its mask over Paris, the City of Light radiating from the splendour of freedom, combining a classically solid Eau de Cologne accord with iris in its heart, transforming it with a tantalising cocktail of juniper berry and vanilla. Finally, embrace cultural revolution with 1969 (Parfum de Revolte), as the expected note of free-spirited and earthy patchouli is spiked with what may be the best opening in any fragrance - a photorealistic peach note impossibly ripe and juicy, radiating sunshine and tilted with a gourmand edge of dark chocolate, tempting clove, and whispers of musk and coffee.

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