FEATHER Safety Razor Co Professional Super Blades (20)

FEATHER Safety Razor Co Professional Super Blades (20)

FEATHER Safety Razor Co Professional Super Blades (20)

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Feather Professional Super blades will fit any of the Feather Artist Club Razors. Designed for those with a heavy or coarse beard, Feather Professional Super blades are a little thicker (0.31mm), wider and more aggressive to meet the demands of a tougher beard.Manufactured to the highest standards and designed for professional use, you can expect them to provide the closest and smoothest shave possible.


50mm x 8.2mm
Blade thickness: 0.31mm

Blade Exposure:
SS razor: 1.25mm
DX razor: 1.45mm

Ideal For:
Heavy or coarse beard

Pack Contains:
20 blades

Made in Japan

Carefully remove a blade from the dispenser and slide into the razor holder. Be sure the blade sets level before releasing, as blades not level can cause injury.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Feather's top of the shop blades

These are extremely sharp but also very smooth blades when handled correctly. I use them in the Feather DX Professional razor (the folder rather than the kamisori style). Because of the extra blade exposure over the standard Professional blades they would seem to be potentially more aggressive. However, this is largely under control of the user as it depends greatly on the angle at which the blade meets your face. I would however recommend muting the points (heel and toe) of the blades to minimize the risk of nicks.

Excellent Blades

These blades are absolutely fantastic & I cant rate them highly enough.

Nice intro to SE blades

I bought these blades for a SE Colonial General Razor. Not having used a shavette or a SE razor before I wondered if they would be too aggressive given some reviews rated these blades as super sharp. The Colonial General is mild razor so I think the Pro Supers added some efficiency. I'm super happy with these blades. I'll definitely be using them in other SE razors I might purchase. When I first tried to order these, Men's Biz was out of stock so I rang them and the staff were really helpful. Restocking was within a few days and Men's Biz rang to let me know. Great service.

Not For Beginners!

First off these blades definitely work as advertised, they make very short work of coarse and heavy facial hair. That being said these blades are no joke you notice the second they touch your face that they aren't as delicate as other Feather razors. While they have no trouble gliding over your face any misstep will be punished. Ive been wet shaving for several years and will have to re-evaluate how I go about things with these blades. If you are a beginner I certainly suggest the ProGuards over these

Sharp and unforgiving.

I honestly believe this is the best that feather have to offer. They are extremely sharp, much sharper than any standard straight that I have used (I own three). Due to this they are also very unforgiving, as the name implies, use a 'feather' touch while shaving with these. My first shave was carefully and trouble free, yet the overconfidence this gave led to me butchering my neck to shreds on the second shave. Treat these with care and respect and they will give you the best shave money can buy.