FEATHER Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (100)

FEATHER Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (100)

FEATHER Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (100)

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Feather New Hi-Stainless Blades are renowned for being the sharpest double edge razor blades on the market. These blades feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort and will fit all traditional double edge razors. You get 10 packs of 10 blades, which is a total of 100 blades. Also available in smaller 5 blade packs, which is a great way to try before you buy. Made in Japan.

Double Edge Blades - 10 packs of 10 blades

Also available in 5 blade packs.

Made in Japan

About 4-6 shaves from a blade is typical. As soon as the edge starts to dull, replace it. It doesn’t matter which side of the blade faces up, and turning it over after a few shaves won’t make any difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
The best blade

I've used the German made Merkur blades for years until I purchased a new lot of 100. I noticed there was something wrong with them and they became blunt after one shave. I then discovered they are now made in a different country. I now will only use the Feather blades which are definitely the sharpest and best.

With these blades you can't go wrong h

I've used them for a long time and they are the only blades that I keep on buying.
They are very sharp.

Best DE Blade in Oz.

The Feather blades are far and away the sharpest DE razors on the market today.
Fitted in a quality razor like the Feather DS2, they never fail to give a smooth and close shave.
I shave daily and use one blade a week, although I believe you could extend this change time easily especially if your beard is not barbed wire tough.
Highly recommended, don'r bother with the lesser brad DE's.

Double thumbs up

As this was my first safety I bought a mixed lot of blades to test and try. This was the first blade I used. Wow I thought, but don't be hasty, you are just wowed by the safety razor experience. Tried the other half dozen or so. Nope. It is the blade.
Close. Non-irritating . Low nick chance (as my fine motor styles are a bit meh its probably due to not pressing as hard due to being so sharp). Double thumbs up.

No question - the sharpest ...

No question - the sharpest and most comfortable blade out there. I've been using these for 10 years now and before then I'd tried them all. Most didn't live up to their marketing. This one DOES, in spades. Word of warning for first time users though - go slowly and gently, let the weight of the razor do the work.