FEATHER Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor

FEATHER Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor

FEATHER Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor

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The Feather 'Popular' Double Edge Razor offers the ultimate in double edged affordability. Its lightweight construction and an extra-long non-slip handle makes maneuvering a breeze. Features a metal 'silo' or 'butterfly' style head through which blades are loaded. Comes in a handy clamshell case which is great for travel.Includes two Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately.

800-1B Popular

Butterfly Opening Double Edge Razor

Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
As a beginner I love it!

Sure, it might not be the most fancy razor out there. It doesn't have all the glits and glam of ther other razors but if you are a safety razor novice then this is a great first buy, get the fancy stuff later. This is a great first buy because it's priced so cheaply that it's not a huge hit to the wallet if shaving with a double edge razor isn't for you, but it's quality is well worth it that if you do decide to stick with it it'll give you a lot of mileage.

Groomed man
Free yourself from the marketing con that is multiblade disposables and cartridges, men and women...

Do your shaving friends a favour and get them something like this. Forget all the garbage you can buy in the supermarkets or certain shaver chains and forget the expensive replacement cartridges; this kind of thing outdoes them all, and this entry level product is as good as any.

I even use this for personal shaving in about the most difficult areas on the body (if you know what I mean) and it does superbly; gets close, no irritation and no nicks, and if it's delicate enough for *that* skin it's delicate enough for anything.

Recommend getting the disposal tin as well, to ensure safe disposal of the blades.

I Didn't Die, But...

It takes a lot of effort to use. Feels cheap, flimsy, and imprecise. Very disappointing from an otherwise remarkable company.

Damn fine quality and value

I started wet shaving again after a long break. Decided to go with this baby. This piece of fine engineering is value and quality. Do not let the plastic handle put you off. It is well balanced, gentle, and a pleasure to handle. True piece of good value and quality utilitarian tool that may not have the swanky "gloryboy" pizazz but it is a beautiful thing in itself. I would pass this on as an heirloom to celebrate the common hardworking middle class man. S

Excellent value

Started shavin with a safety razor about 6 weeks ago after watching many YouTube clips on how to do so. Firstly - if you don't apply too much pressure don't let anyone fool you the first shave can't be excellent. I got this puppy and was so excited to try it I did so after a few drinks out and it went just fine! Great razor. Have since purchased the Merkur 38C but this makes for an excellent travel kit (which I do about every second week) due to the weight. Don't let the price or plastic fool you - this is an excellent first razor to see if DE is for you!