FEATHER Double Edge Blade Disposal Case

FEATHER Double Edge Blade Disposal Case

FEATHER Double Edge Blade Disposal Case

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The Feather Razor Blade Disposal Case is a safe and sanitary way to dispose of used double edge blades.

Approximate dimensions:
Length: 75mm. Width: 55mm. Height: 40mm

Made in Japan

Safe disposal of your used double edge razor blades.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Looks good in the bathroom

Tidy little case that provides a classy resting place for my ex-blades. Love the design and branding.

Exactly what it says on the tin. Har har.

It's a good little case, plenty of room and a wide opening so you don't have to jam your blades through. Sturdy construction.

What would Jesus do? He'd buy this.

If there is one thing you buy off Men’s Biz, make it this case. Even if you use an electric razor like a filthy casual. Buy this case. It may be the very seed that helps you grow into a man among men or a woman among women.
Think of all those people that sort through the rubbish at the dump. Think of them. They are the salt of the Earth. For a small amount of money you are given peace of mind that your blades are less likely to hurt one of those workers or some random sorting through your rubbish at 3am.

You don't realise you need this

You might be thinking to yourself, do I really need this? The answer is yes. Looks nice, is cheap and actually super helpful. Great item for a first time shaving haul.


If you know what 'Feather' means in terms of razor blades, then you probably don't need to read a review to know that this is a good purchase. You are also possibly missing a good portion of your jaw.

If you don't know what a 'Feather' Safety Razor is, then don't panic - the ever-widening tide of facial blood and deafening screams of the careless shaver will educate you extremely quickly.

I am not entirely sure what the mad scientists at Feather have forged this tin out of. It sort of feels like metal, but I've never encountered a metal that sweats and attracts cockroaches before. The leaf patterns drawn on the outside of the tin perform a dual function. Number One: It both reassures and calms onlookers. Number Two: the tiny green Japanese writing cleverly disguised as drawings of leaves form the body a powerful binding and containment incantation. (Note: Do not smudge or attempt to read this writing.)

The tin itself is compact, attractive and is completely sealed - it cannot be pried open by curious little fingers. This last point is particularly pertinent, because once the blood-crazed demons that inhabit your average 'Feather' razorblade work out that they've been entombed in a sunless prison of uncaring metal, you are most definitely going to have a bad day if they subsequently ever escape.

I suppose you could also dispose of other brand razor blades in here, but it seems like a little bit of overkill to me.