FEATHER Safety Razor Co AS-D2S Stainless Steel Safety Razor & Stand

FEATHER Safety Razor Co AS-D2S Stainless Steel Safety Razor & Stand

FEATHER Safety Razor Co AS-D2S Stainless Steel Safety Razor & Stand

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The Feather AS-D2S 'All Stainless' Safety Razor with Stand is a precision built tool of the highest quality. This 3-piece razor is made entirely out of satin finished stainless steel and includes a matching stand.While it will hold any blade, it has been specifically engineered for use with the extremely sharp Feather blades. The long 90mm handle feels solid and well balanced and provides a secure grip for wet hands.Comes in a gift box and includes five FREE Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately.


Closed Comb 3-Piece Double Edge Razor with Stand

Head and Handle:
Satin finished stainless steel

Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
A great daily-driver

Other than being beautifully crafted, the Stainless Steel Feather features a blade that angles down and protrudes slightly. The result is more flex and intuitive handling, compared to some of the aggressive double-edge razors on the market. For me, this is perfect for a daily driver and it provides a nice, gentle shave while getting extremely close to the skin.

Quality - but not for everyone so go in with eyes open

It’s no doubt a quality razor, but not for everyone so please go in with open eyes. I have been using feather blades and a Merkur 34C for what feels an eternity. Decided on buying some new gear and as a feather user felt i needed to try this. The quality, look and feel is exceptional. This is the type of razor which may inspire me to have children and hand to the next generation ....as it will last ! My first shave was very disappointing. I have relatively thick facial fair and had 5 days growth (as wasn’t in office). It took many many passes and the efficiency of the feather blades was muted. Would have been easy and a pleasure with the Merkur. After multiple uses, i have found my technique and angle is better and it hit me that this an “every day razor” for someone with my hair / skin combination and experience with a proper razor. Doubt i would use if i have 2 or more days of growth. Despite the price, its probably a good razor for a beginner. It feels like a bit of a toy to me....and i actually worry when i use it and then go back to a more aggressive razor i may get sloppy on technique.

Agree Andrew...Not for everyone

No question of quality of razor, just doesn't work for me personally. The different angle, the blade set back from the edge, it combined to make this unsuitable for me. So if your new to DE Shaving don't be dazzled by the price and set your judgement on this alone. At least try and determine if Feather blades work for you (in most cases people prefer this blade, I don't it causes my skin to react and cut's deep)if they do then this is a good match, as I found it sedated the feather blade. However it did the exact opposite with my preferred Gillette yellow 7 o'clock. I got it as a promotional gift so I didn't cop the steep price

Elegant safety razor

After reading many reviews I decided to take the plunge and buy the Feather AS-D2s. This is a beautifully machined and expertly crafted razor. The shave ,yes it's very mild but gives a good shave with minimal irritation. Learn the proper angle and technique and you will be rewarded with a great shave.

Not for everyone

I rate this razor 3 stars solely based on shave quality. It is beautifully made, hard to cut yourself with and should last a lifetime but I personally find the shave quality inconsistent. The small blade gap and 45deg angle needed makes it tricky to use under the nose and below the jawline so I find myself having to go over the same place multiple times which results in irritation. Prior to purchasing this razor I would alternate between an EJ89 and cartridges. I put the EJ89 in the back of the vanity when the Feather arrived although a week ago I thought I would give it another go (Astra blade). To my surprise I got a wonderful great shave straight off the bat – easier to use under the nose, no irritation and a much more consistent shave. Perhaps the Feather has helped me hone my technique over the past 6 months. Whilst the EJ89 is more aggressive than the Feather I find it easier to produce a quality shave as you have more play with the angle + 30deg seems easier to me than 45deg. I know most people have had much more success with the Feather than me – I can only rate it based on my personal experience. Good luck if you decide to give it a go.