Etat Libre d'Orange Malaise of the 1970s EDP Spray, 50ml


Etat Libre d'Orange Malaise of the 1970s EDP Spray, 50ml

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A nod to retro.Malaise gives off the metallic smell of the Iron Lady tearing down British society - “There’s no such thing as society” - to sell off the rabble and rubble to the City. Malaise gives off the metallic smell of guitar strings being tortured in London squats, of safety pins stuck in cheeks, of razor blades slicing through the skin of pallid chests. Malaise gives off the metallic smell of the spaceships that will carry us 'anywhere out of this world', as Baudelaire once said. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Aboard the musical mothership of Close Encounters, led by François Truffaut, whose generous gaze will soon go out. In the bowels of the Nostromo freighter where a vitriol-blooded Alien, thrust into the body of space proles like a monstrous reverse-pregnancy, bursts out in a gut-splattered howl.Malaise gives off the metallic smell of blood, yes, but also the burn of pepper spray in our noses… Ah… ah… ah… nar… CHY! And a strange sweet softness we sink into, like the ground flesh of an overripe fruit in our fist. And the pungency of the leather armor we slip on to scare off the hippies.“No More Heroes”, the Stranglers growl, but Luke and Leia give us the Force. We hold out our hand to Spielberg’s mild-mannered aliens. We butcher the bug that’s eating us up from inside with Ripley, the kick-ass androgyne.Formerly known as 'Sex Pistols'.

Fragrance Family:
Dry Woods

Main Note:

Eau de Parfum

Fresh, spicy, and gourmand - an earthy peppery cologne. Great for the daytime.

Made in France

Malaise hides in plain sight - it is a brilliant work from relatively deep in the Etat Libre d'Orange catalogue (2010/2012). It is a struggle capturing this fragrance under a single definitive banner, and so it is best to describe it in sequence: it opens with dried fruits, like boozy plums and raisins soaked in a spicy pepper, anise, and clove inflected ambery syrup, refreshed with citrus fruits of excellent sparkling clarity and then soaked into leather. This accord lingers throughout the work, a glorious cascade of textural contrasts. This is met with a classical woody base, drying down on an earthy bed of patchouli soap - reminding us of the masculine trope for scrubbed and virile post-shower freshness. Fruit and woods - a theme seen in Chanel's Egoiste and the Dior Homme range. Malaise of the 1970s is the citrus-and-pepper cologne you didn't know you needed, revisiting a glorious and retro theme in perfumery that probably escaped your mind.

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