DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Olive Wood Inox 5/8"

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Olive Wood Inox 5/8"

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Olive Wood Inox 5/8"

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This stunning DOVO Olive Wood Straight Razor features a polished Olive Wood handle and satin finished blade with gold embellishments. The stainless steel blade has a 5/8" rounded point and heel and offers the ultimate in blade hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear. Presented in a metal gift box.

Model Number:
415875 / 13582027

Stainless Steel

Round Point and Heel with satin finish and 24-karat gold embellishments, biconcave profile, one-sided ribbed tang

Blade Width:

Full Hollow Ground

Polished Olive Wood

16 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.1 cm

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My first straight razor.

My first straight razor. After a bit of practice, gave me the closest, cleanest shave of my life. Being stainless steel is a plus as well.

Not shave sharp out of the box

After stropping with some green rough this straight razor developed a very shave ready edge that I have been using just on the leather side of the strop for about 2 months now and its still shave ready. I would expect that I will run this over a 8K, 10K and 16K stone in about another 3 months.

The rounded point and heal make this razor excellent to learn to shave with and has a short learning curve. After just 3 shaves I have had no nicks or bumps that caused bleeding. Its a very forgiving blade profile.

I've found this blade profile likes to be used at a 20 degree angle compared to 30 degrees to my other brand razor. This again make the blade profile that more forgiving.

Beautiful Razor dull to start

The razor arrived quickly from Mens Biz and i was instantly excited as i saw the metal box that contained my new razor. The Razor itself is light, balanced and elegant. Its not a show piece but reeks of classic. For a light beard this razor will work out of the box, but for me a strop was a necessity. After a week of use with stropping each time the blade is becoming sharper and sharper. It now provides a perfect shave. I would recommend this razor to anyone that has been using a shavette that want to move to a more permanent Straight razor finish.