DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Mother of Pearl 5/8"

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Mother of Pearl 5/8"

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Mother of Pearl 5/8"

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This stunning DOVO Straight Razor No. 98 features a simulated mother of pearl handle and ornate blade with 24-karat gold etching. Made from the highest quality carbon steel, this razor has a 5/8" round point, full hollow ground blade and offers the ultimate in blade hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear.The ornate engravings on the blade and back complement the shimmering mother-of-pearl-colour on its scales.

Model Number:
985810 / 12381319

Carbon Steel

Round Point with 24-karat gold etching, biconcave profile, both-sided ribbed tang

Blade Width:

Full Hollow Ground

Acrylic Glas, Simulated Mother of Pearl

16.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.2 cm

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
German Perfection

This razor is one of the most beautiful and functional items I have ever owned.

Great cut at a fair price.

Cuts as well as any, sharpens easy too. Accidentally purchased a 'smiling' straight razor previous to this one, glad to have a non-smiling razor. Non-polished finish makes for good grip on blade too.

Beautiful razor, just not ready

The razor looks amazing in person and the packaging was great from men's biz. The only downside is that the razor is definately not shave-ready so you will need to find someone to hone it or hone it yourself.

Premium products are not cheap

If you buy yourself a Dovo straight razor and expect to shave off it when it arrives, your kidding yourself, (This applies to all makers) Learn the trade, or stick with the Mach 3's, If you put in the time and effort you will get a great shave. Get yourself a few honing stones and learn how it's done you will be thrilled. It's dead set top shelf.

Slightly disagree with above advice

Dovo razors may undergo a 'cut test' at the factory, however they are not what any experienced user would call 'Shave Ready'. All Dovo razors, unless specifically stated as such by the seller, and this will mean the razor package has been opened by the seller and the razor honed by a skilled professional. New cut-throat shavers should have their razor professionally honed prior to use, and first acquire the art of using it, before learning the art of honing. Hone grits for touching up a razor start at 8000. For putting an edge on a razor to begin with you need approximately 4000, and for bevel setting a maximum of 1000 higher or lower grits depending on the state of the edge, but this won't apply to any new razor. 8000 will be the minimum appropriate there. Strops once pasted are not going to be much good for the final stropping, which should only ever happen on clean, smooth leather. A pasted strop is good for refreshing a slightly dull edge and can be used in place of an 8000 hone depending on the pasted used. Any hone purchased should first be lapped perfectly flat before honing takes place.