DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Best Quality Black 5/8" Carbon

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Best Quality Black 5/8" Carbon
DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Best Quality Black 5/8" Carbon

DOVO Solingen Straight Razor: Best Quality Black 5/8" Carbon

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The DOVO Best Quality Black 5/8" Straight Razor is an affordable choice for those who are just starting out. Features a 5/8" round point, full hollow ground carbon steel blade made to the highest degree of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear.All surfaces of the straight razor are precisely finished by hand in several stages. The top and bottom of the tang are ribbed, so you always have it firmly under control even with wet or foamy fingers.

Model Number:
100581 / 125803810

Carbon Steel

Round Point with biconcave profile, both-sided ribbed tang

Blade Width:

Full Hollow Ground

Polished Black Plastic (PMMA / Acrylic Glass)

15.9 cm x 2.3 cm x 1.1 cm

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Carter
Superb razor.

After a very light honing and stropping, I found my new Dovo Solingen straight razor to be of excellent quality, well balanced and effortless to use. It exceeded my expectations and I recommend this razor to anyone, whether new to straight razor shaving or highly experienced.


Simple, practical and performs well. I do recommend honing it before use.

Decent Razor. Good value for money.

This is a nice simple, no frills blade. The steel is of high quality like all other Dovo blades. The celluloid scales look and feel real nice, but they seem a little flimsy. I've heard that people often crack these scales and after handling it too firmly. I can now understand why.

My blade wasn't really up to my standards for a shave out of the box. After a good strop it was better but still not great.

I took it to my finishing hones first but actually had a little difficulty putting a good edge on it. I attribute this to a slight geometry problem with the blade. The edge didn't sit completely flat on the stone when the spine was laid flat. This is a fairly common issue, and easily correctable with a good honing.

I decided to set a new bevel and took this blade through full progression on stones starting with a Shapton 2k and finishing with a Shapton 12k. This corrected the geometry problem and put a great edge on the blade. It's now the sharpest and best shaving blade I own.

Good solid razor

Good quality razor with no problems. Very sharp right out of the box - I just stropped it on chromox loaded balsa, followed by a leather strop, and it's shave ready. Excellent service from Mensbiz, as always.

fantastic starter

purchased as a gift for son in law , first straight blade and he loved it , extremely sharp great quality and love the great service .