DOVO Solingen Shavette Straight Razor: Stainless Steel

DOVO Solingen Shavette Straight Razor: Stainless Steel

DOVO Solingen Shavette Straight Razor: Stainless Steel

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The DOVO Solingen Shavette Straight Razor uses disposable blades, so there's no need to purchase a hone, strop or any of the other gear. Because it's virtually maintenance free, it's well suited to those who are just starting out, travel regularly or don't want the difficulty and expense usually involved in caring for a traditional straight razor.When the blade gets dull, just remove it and insert a new one. Features a satin stainless steel handle and polished stainless steel shank for lightweight durability. Includes a spare sleeve and one Double Edge Blade to get you started.

Model Number:
201006 / 21130201

Polished Stainless Steel

Matte Finished Stainless Steel

13.3 cm x 1.7 cm x 0.9 cm

Made in Germany

Carefully slide the sleeve out of the aluminium shank by pulling gently on the far end. Snap your blade in half, open the sleeve and position the blade so that the holes line up with the notches in the sleeve (if positioned correctly, the blade should protrude slightly).

Squeeze the sleeve closed making sure the blade does not move out of position. Carefully slide the sleeve back into the shank of the razor. Use the clear sleeve for standard (short) double edge blades and the black sleeve for the long blades.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great quality

I'm having a great time with this shavette. It's super lightweight and compact, yet sturdy. When folded it is smaller than a ballpoint pen, great for travelling.

You can buy regular razor blades and snap them in half lengthwise to make them fit in this shavette. I like that I can replace the razor instead of sharpening and honing a fixed blade.

It takes some practice to use it properly, and for me I have the best results changing grip depending on the area of the face I need to shave. It’s so much easier than a safety razor, because I find the safety razor head catches my skin (despite ample shaving cream).


Absolutely LOVE THIS!!,I started shaving(@13-am from the Balkans ;))with this green handled Le Gillette Safety razors in 82’,and 20 billion stacked fusion powered razors were useless,trimmers/electric shavers turned my skin into a royal Alex Jones Lizard person,I saw your FBook ad,and 1st time I saw something useful,I got the Dovo,BRILLIANT!,wasn’t as hard load up as some pussies claimed,was super-easy to starsuse,took 2 mins,24 sec,!(missus timed it),boy,did she love it!!!!,she felt kinda weird cuz,”ya know”kinda felt like she was kissin a girl”😘& my skin after a week,isn’t itchy,oily,keeping me up at night,rashes gone,and doesn’t sting when sweaty or just washing with water!!!,THANK YOU!!!!!100000000000 🌟

Great beginner straight-razor

I purchased this as a trial before buying a more expensive straight razor.
Works very well. Just a tip for beginners the smaller blades brake in two parts and slot into the clear insert. Took me a few Youtube searches to figure this out. I've had five shaves now and love it! Thanks for the quality goods Men's Biz!

Good Product

Does everything as advertised..great shaves can be achieved with this razor. Im using mine with the Dovo long blades & am very happy with it for the price.


Shopping of this product was fantastic, getting to New Zealand in only a few days. The razor is lightweight and compact, and came brilliantly packaged. For a beginners razor it is A great quality and was a great gift for my partner who is absolutely In love with it. I would say not only does he like shaving now, he looks forward to it!