Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum, 100ml

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Celebrating over a decade of existence with legions of passionate fans, there is little denying that Aventus is a phenomenon. Introduced in 2010, this scent has become the best-selling fragrance in the history of the Creed brand. Aventus is a powerful statement that speaks with a sonorous voice. Its qualities are numerous, inciting an obsession for fragrances that maintain beautiful contrasts. All at once Aventus is fresh, vibrant, lithe, and robust. Its powerful and commanding qualities are met with an elegant and gregarious feeling; a charming scent that embodies all the noble virtues of a true contemporary figure, embodying the wisdom of a well-lived life. In spite of its cult-like popularity, Aventus is a landmark of niche perfumery and a masculine fragrance that centred clarity, refinement, and character as its defining features. Know that Aventus started something – a revolution in the world of niche – equally serving as the warrant for enthusiasts to become aficionados, for people to discuss the virtues of good taste and good perfume, and a key to demand more from perfumery. Whatever your take on this fragrance, there is no denying that Aventus is a moment sealed in historic time, and its relevance is enduring.

Fragrance Family:
Dry Woods

Main Notes:
Lemon, Pink Pepper, Apple, Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Pineapple, Jasmine, Indonesian Patchouli, Birch, Ambergris, Cedar, Oakmoss, Musk

Eau de Parfum

Versatile and dynamic, Aventus can be worn anywhere. 

Made in France

It is nearly impossible to traverse the world of men’s niche perfumery without crossing paths with Creed’s Aventus, a decidedly modern and powerful fragrance that takes the best features of the aromatic and woody families and blends them together seamlessly. A trailblazer, there is little denying the impact Aventus has had, becoming the frequently imitated – but never bettered – icon of a unique style. This is a fragrance of many charms and qualities, one of which is its ability to render a traditional masculine form with contemporary ingredients. The result is a resounding feeling of newness and quality, but also contrast: citrus notes are set against leather tones, whilst wood notes are soaked in a melange of fruits and spices.

The instant appeal of Aventus is due to its many enlivening layers of freshness, where apple, blackcurrant, bergamot, lemon, and pineapple reach out and arrest one’s attention. This striking feature finds its resolution in a generous heart of jasmine, lending softness to the composition. Deep underpinnings of patchouli, birch, ambergris, and musk provide a familiar robustness, reminding the wearer that a gallant virility marks the potent core of this fragrance. Watch as the generous hesperidic top notes soar and sparkle, succumbing to the birch note in the base, lending its signature smoky and leathery facets, then washed in the warm salty brine of ambergris.

Customer Reviews

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Quality product

Posted quickly, arrived promptly, product was genuine and smells great. thanks guys!

Posted quickly, arrived promptly, product was genuine and smells great. thanks guys!

A classic

Creed's Aventus is classic and well crafted. Sure, it is popular, and it wouldn't win best value pick, but it is very good and very likeable. Yes, there are fragrances that are similar to this, but none of them are quite the same.

Crass Personified

Let me start by saying that scent is absolutely subjective and that Aventus is an acknowledged classic, so you, Mr Aspirational, will love it -- for its impressive price tag if for nothing else. For me, it is like all Creed scents, a shrieking, one-dimensional assault that smells of headache, insecure masculinity and overbearing salesman. I'm sure Donald Trump powered through many a bottle in his youth.

A must have

Happy to say I'm a regular wearer of Aventus. It provides a tasteful level of projection and longevity, (i.e. a little, but not too much). The description of the scent in the editor's notes is spot on. If you can handle the price, you and those around you won't be disappointed.