BORNTOSTANDOUT Nanatopia Eau de Parfum

BORNTOSTANDOUT Nanatopia Eau de Parfum

BORNTOSTANDOUT Nanatopia Eau de Parfum

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Nanatopia by BORNTOSTANDOUT is described by the brand as: “It’s ok to go bananas at times. Don’t take life too seriously.“

Fragrance Family:
Woody Amber

Main Notes:
Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rum (Pure Jungle Essence), Banana Bread, Melted Caramel, Tonka Bean Absolute, Cypriol Essential Oil, Orcanox.

Eau de Parfum

A rich spice fragrance tweaked with a playful banana note, perfect for winter.

Made in South Korea

Consider the first few moments of this fragrance, which assembles in a series of parts. A flash of banana opens, its smell evocative enough to produce an image of the slender yellow fruit, spotted brown and highly suggestive of the tropical. Impressions of rum, clove, and vanilla are not misplaced ascriptions here. This is immediately followed with a dry and warm cinnamon note, lifted with the remarkable spiciness of nutmeg, lending a complex sweetness. In the final stage of this flurry, a remarkable creaminess dominates this fragrance - more custard and icing than cream. And with this, it is clear that Nanatopia is a fragrance set upon recreating the scent of banana bread, which is the ideal perfumed study with its perfect blend of fruity, nutty, bready, syrupy, boozy, and sugary-molasses notes. Indeed, this isn’t a banana fragrance for the sake of provocation. It may have wit and humour but Nanatopia also makes good of its inspiration. It has a serious side, and this spiced banana bread accord is the perfect syphon into an earthy base filled with many faint layers of smokiness and gorgeous spiciness. In the drydown, Nanatopia is a fluffy and spicy fragrance punctuated with a fruity and tropical overtone.