BORNTOSTANDOUT Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

BORNTOSTANDOUT Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

BORNTOSTANDOUT Fragrance Sample Pack, 6 x 1ml

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Stand out with BORNTOSTANDOUT, who makes aromatic of irreverence and astounding of the familiar. Transgression and provocation are combined with good-natured humour and style, and in this originality, BTSO dethrones the all too serious pronouncements of high perfumery, finding value in play and frivolity. BTSO has a penchant for the sweet and the gourmand, and these olfactory tendencies demonstrate how some of our most familiar scent memories can elicit an unexpected surprise. Scents are enriched with a sensual imprint, sacred and profane contrasts are championed, and guilt-free hedonism is celebrated. This sample pack offers the best of the brand and their philosophy.

Includes (1ml each):

  1. Sugar Addict EDP
  2. Dirty Rice EDP
  3. Indecent Cherry EDP
  4. Drunk Saffron EDP
  5. Fig Porn EDP
  6. Happy Nuts EDP

Freshly hand-filled to order, these 1ml glass vials are large enough for several proper wearings.

Indecent Cherry is an ecstatic and tipsy high. It is a celebration without consequence as the aphrodisiac force of cherry is soaked and punctuated in a glistening syrup. Its mouthwatering effect, where acid is tempered by sweetness, softens into a creamy bliss of mimosa, vanilla, and almond. Indecent Cherry is a sustained lull of pleasure - its taste lingers and lingers. Sugar Addict lives up to the promise of its name as it concentrates and overlaps many impressions of sweetness. It has an addictive dryness that glides over the skin, as a powdery feel crosses with a resinous one, dusted in delectable spices. Notes of tonka, vanilla, coffee, cocoa, and cinnamon all make an appearance, prolonged with a musky trail of cashmeran. Worn on its own or layered, it is an intelligent and thoughtful sweetness.

Fig Porn is a standout, which exposes its namesake fruit in an artistic way: illuminate the thing completely, wholly, nakedly, with no distractions. It was the fig leaf that covered Adam and Eve, after all. Fig Porn dares: why intend realism when you can go pornographic? The glittering fruit, honey sweet and sticky with sap, its milky seedy pulp is an explosion. Pear is the perfect bedfellow, its shared honey-sweet ambrosia a gloss on the skins of these fruits. This fragrance liberates the fig note from its demure disposition. In similar fashion, Dirty Rice is an exposure revealing its dirty aspect. It spoils an otherwise pure image of milk and basmati rice washed in a bath to release its starch. Its sedative power and white innocence deepens with touches of sandalwood, musk, and other lactic and nutty tones, pulsing forward with bergamot and peony notes at the top. The total scent is expectedly creamy, yet a little animalic, but also aqueous and readily fluid - it is the perfect skin scent.

Drunk Saffron gathers and builds in scent. It is for those passionate about booziness and gourmands that move into shadow as opposed to light. Here, precious stigmas of saffron infuse in a snifter of Cognac, equal parts woody as it is spicy, as floral as it is honey-sweet and boozy. Nuances of plum, raisins, coffee, and oak emerge, as its delicious hue – a red merging into brown – softens at the touch of vanilla and musk. Leather, amber, and patchouli make up the rich body of this scent. Continuing this theme, Happy Nuts might remind you of your favourite nutty liqueur. It assimilates all the pleasures of almond, pistachio, and sesame - crushed and roasted - bound together in an indulgent syrup of caramel, honey, and tonka, rum, and vanilla until it becomes a toothsome paste. This is balanced with the smoky and charred tones of patchouli, guaiac, and tobacco.