Straight Razor Sharpening Service

To ensure that your DOVO Solingen straight razor provides excellent service for many years, it needs regular care and maintenance. The Complete Service is a full sharpening service carried out by DOVO. This service is recommended only when sharpening pastes and stropping no longer produce a workable edge.


What the service includes

The razor will be returned to Solingen, Germany for a full service by the manufacturer. They are one of the few people that have not only the skills, but the specialised equipment necessary to carry out the task.

After an initial inspection to ascertain that the razor is able to be sharpened, it then undergoes sharpening by various steps; beginning on grinding wheels, then progressing to convex sharpening stones, followed by stropping and final quality control. The scales are adjusted by fixing the pins/rivets (pins and washers will be replaced, if necessary). The razor is then cleaned, oiled and packed for return to you.


Expected turnaround time

4-8 weeks

Note: this timeframe has been impacted due to COVID-19. Please visit the Australia Post website for more information.





Important things to know

  • If DOVO deems that your razor cannot be sharpened — due to damage — it will be returned to you and $60 of your payment will be refunded. The non-refundable amount of $40 covers transit of the razor to and from Germany, and back to your shipping address.
  • This service is offered for DOVO Solingen razors only - we cannot service any other brands.
  • If your DOVO razor is still within the warranty period, then using this service will not void it.
  • Blade repairs, or replacement of scales will be quoted at an additional cost.

How to arrange a service for your razor

  1. Call us on 1300 784 789 to speak to our team.
  2. We will email you some information on where to post your razor to.
  3. Once your razor arrives, we will organise for it to be posted to DOVO in Germany. We will advise you on any updates we receive from DOVO regarding your razor.